EBALEmpresa Baiana de Alimentos SA (Portuguese: Bahian Food Company SA; Brazil)
EBALEast Bay Athletic League (California)
EBALElvankent Bilgi Anadolu Lisesi (Turkish high school)
EBALEffects-Based Approach to Logistics
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At two o'clock we stopped to lunch and rest at ancient Shechem, between the historic Mounts of Gerizim and Ebal, where in the old times the books of the law, the curses and the blessings, were read from the heights to the Jewish multitudes below.
Ebal proved that the Israelites indeed crossed the Jordan and entered Canaan, just as the Bible says they did.
1) However, it is not clear why Mount Gerizim was chosen as the site for the blessing ceremony and why Mount Ebal was chosen for the curse.
Aunque ya hemos visto que los autores estan de acuerdo en que la estela no proporciona informacion sobre el lugar en el que se encontraba situado el pueblo, la tesis mas aceptada entre los arqueologos (49) situa este grupo primigenio en la parte baja y media de Samaria, en la Transjordania y el norte del Neguev, y se senalan distintos asentamientos: Monte Ebal, Izbet Sartah, Shechem, Shiloh, Ai, Khirbet Raddana, Tell en-Nasbeh (Mizpah), Giloh, Umm et-Tala, Jebel el-Habun/Allon Shevut y Tell Beit Mirsim.
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Alem disso, destinava as bancas estantes giratorias para organizar e divulgar os livros, ja utilizadas no Brasil pela EBAL (Editora Brasil-America) e pela filial da Hachette no pais (Labanca, 2009, p.
The West Bank city of Nablus nestles in the valley between two tall mountains, Ebal and Gerizim.
In the city of Nablus, nestled between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim in the northern West Bank, the main streets, torn up by Israeli bulldozers and tanks nearly a decade ago, are packed with cars.
Your Mount Ebal, is the confederacy of separate state sovereignties, and your Mount Gerizim is the Constitution of the United States.
Salient points are treated in greater detail, for example: early Christian views on Samaritan origin, Samaritan literature, Samaritan theology, Samaritan temple or cult place, location of Gilgal, Gerizim, and Ebal, denial of resurrection, chronological discrepancies, relation to non-Samaritans, Samaritan revolts and persecutions.
Ebal, Em Gev, Hazor, Jerusalem, Lacish, Makmish (and) Tel Michal, Megiddo, Samaria, Tel Kedesh, Ta'anach, Tirzahm and Tel'Eton.