EBICElectron Beam Induced Current
EBICEuropean Business Information Conference
EBICEnvironmental Background Information Center (State College, PA)
EBICElectron Beam Induced Conductivity
EBICEuropean Banks International Company SA
EBICElectron Bombardment Induced Conductivity
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Egypt Hydrocarbon Corp (EHC), Baz's second project and far bigger challenge to the man than EBIC as its launch came through the global financial crisis, went on stream in early 2014 and cost over $455m.
EBIC 2008 does not allocate co-morbidity-specific costs for other health care professionals, health research, or "other" health care expenditures.
Both EBIC and WFNS developed classifications of traumatic brain injury, as well as recommendations for management (Table 6 and 7).
We calculated indirect costs following the method used in EBIC 1998 (a modified human capital approach *).
EBIC will undertake a review process one year after the entry into force of the principles at national level and will regularly inform the Commission and consumer associations about their operation.
These include multiple EDS, WDS, EBSD, STEM, BSE, CL, EBIC, and IR camera.
As of end of April 2015, both production lines at EFC have been running at higher utilization rates than in the first quarter of 2015, while EBIC started receiving gas in May 2015," OCI said.
We calculated indirect costs (premature mortality, short- and long-term disability) following the method used in EBIC, 1998 (a modified human-capital approach).
Ventures job income was $10 million, down $2 million, or 17%, primarily related to lower volumes and ammonia prices at the EBIC ammonia plant in Egypt.
At press time, only a program outline was available, so check the EBIC Web site for updated details.
The official said that 35m cubic feet of gas was currently pumped daily to the EBIC factory, equivalent to 60% of the contracted value which amounts to 65m cubic feet.