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EBMLExtensible Binary Meta Language
EBMLEastern Bays Mobile Locksmiths (New Zealand)
EBMLEstablishment of the Water of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (Lebanon)
EBMLEarly Bronco Mailing List (automobile enthusiast network)
EBMLEcho Bay Mines Limited
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In case of bacterial endophytes isolates EBLL, EBML and EBJS out of seven isolates showed cellulase activity and in fungal isolates also four isolates EBML, EBMR, EBLL, EBLR were found to show cellulase activity (Table-4).
Bacterial isolate EBML showed highest cellulase activity (0.
As client demands for flexibility have increased, EBML has offered on-site and field-deployable biological hazmat testing capabilities.
EBML serves as a leading technical resource and "go-to lab" that addresses environmental-related laboratory issues and provides high-quality, defensible data to its customers.