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EBOVEbola Virus
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Ring vaccination might be used to stop the spread of the Ebola virus during acute outbreaks, just as this strategy was used to contain smallpox in the past," adds VRC Director Gary Nabel.
Because HIV infection is treatable and testing is readily available in West Africa, semen testing programs for Ebola virus should consider offering HIV testing to male survivors of EVD with persistently detectable Ebola virus in semen.
After the declaration of the end of Ebola virus transmission in Sierra Leone, the nation's policy of performing buccal swabs for Ebola virus RNA on all decedents continued.
During the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, calls to prefecture health departments were more sensitive for Ebola virus disease case detection than those to a national call center, according to a study in MMWR.
While data are limited, pregnant women and their fetuses infected with the Ebola virus also appear to have worse outcomes, with a maternal and perinatal mortality rate that approaches 100%.
From previous studies, Davey said that during this endosomal process, he knew that calcium signaling in cells, which allow cells to transmit electrical charges to one another, controls many of the processes in the cell and was important for Ebola virus infection.
A WHO mission arrived in Islamabad on Monday to review the government's arrangements to keep Ebola virus out of the country, WHO officials say.
He said no Ebola virus patient had so far been reported in Multan.
As many as 4500 people have died due to Ebola virus across the globe while some 9000 people are affected by the disease.
Five Ebola virus screening centers were already set up on the borders, their number will be increased up to 12 in future, the Deputy Health Minister stated.
Chimerix, a biopharmaceutical company developing novel, oral antivirals in areas of high unmet medical need, is offering brincidofovir for potential use in patients with Ebola Virus Disease, it was reported yesterday.