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EC50Median Effective Concentration (required to induce a 50% effect)
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The EC50 values were scaled (from 0 to 1) to reduce the skewness of the data set and were used for subsequent QSAR analysis as dependent variables.
STZ is a potent AR agonist, with an EC50 only one log higher than DHT.
Serial dilution tests using water samples from Pond 6 (most downstream of the two waste ponds) and diversion ditch seeps showed conductivity EC50s for juveniles of Villosa iris ranging from ~7,100 to 10,300 [micro]S/cm (Wang et al.
As expected the crude extracts of Canella winterana, Goetzea elegans, Pimenta racemosa, and Thouinia striata did not show significant activities, with EC50 values greater than 200 [micro]g/mL.
EC50 (concentration of the extract is absorbed approximately 0.
The selectivity index (SI) of green tea extracts and its isolated compound against FAdV-4 was evaluated as the ratio of CC50 to EC50.
Carbendazim was proved to the most aggressive showing the lowest EC50 value (8.
alpha]-Amyrin acetate, isolated from Tylophora hirsuta, tested positive for antispasmodic activity on spontaneous rabbits' jejunum preparations with EC50 value of (60 [+ or -] 2) x 10(-5) M.
Papain quantitatively ablated SNARE cytosolic domains (and thus zippering-up and inter-membrane complex formation) without disrupting the fundamental ability of CV to fuse; however, the fusion mechanism was no longer efficient, with the EC50 shifting to about 250 umol [1.
8) han descrito la farmacodinamia del propofol en ninos de 1-16 anos utilizando BIS en donde E0 se estimo como 93,2, Emax -83,4, EC50 5,2 mg x [l.