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ECASHElectronic Cash
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53) ECash CEO John Filby has stressed that "everything that we've done so far has been in consultation with the regulatory authorities.
Ecash is simply a digital object that could be attached, as a file is, to an email message.
DigiCash's eCash software uses a public key cryptography that makes it possible to send eCash transactions safely over the Internet.
Comfort and patient-centred care without excessive sedation: The eCASH concept.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 17, 2017-FactorTrust partners with eCash Software
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 17, 2017-FactorTrust partners with eCash Software
The recent new products launched by the bank include Visa Platinum debit card and eCash card.
Money in electronic commerce: Digital cash, electronic fund transfer, and ecash.
A multi-year contract extension with Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma for its Choctaw Casinos and the addition of another Choctaw Casino location where Cash Systems will provide its casinopc for cash advance services, ecash checking and full service booth operation.
Earlier he served as CEO and board member for ISD Corporation; president of the Merchant Services Division at InfoSpace; and co-founder, CEO and board member at eCash Technologies.
The Bank recently introduced the eCash card for corporate customers for payment of large amount transactions at government institutions.
Ecash is an electronic payments system developed by the Digicash Co.