ECCAEuropean Cable Communications Association
ECCAEuropean Coil Coating Association (est. 1967)
ECCAEuropean Cervical Cancer Association
ECCAEye Care Centers of America, Inc. (San Antonio, TX)
ECCAEndometriosis Care Centre of Australia (est. 1998)
ECCAEuropean Cable Communication Association
ECCAElectronic Cigarette Consumer Association (UK)
ECCAEntente Cormatinoise Commerciale et Artisanale de Cormatin (French: Commercial and Artisanal Agreement Cormatin; Cormatin, France)
ECCAEuropean Car Club of Australia
ECCAEnhanced Control-Flow Checking Using Assertions (engineering)
ECCAEscadron de Communication et de Contrôle Aérien (French: Communication Squadron and Air Traffic Control; Canada)
ECCAEast Caribbean Currency Authority
ECCAEuropean Call Centre Awards (UK)
ECCAElectromagnetically Coupled Curl Antenna
ECCAEnglish Community Association (UK)
References in classic literature ?
Like a frightened ecca I leaped to my feet and raced for the sheltering sanctuary of the forest, where I knew neither could follow or seize me.
The diminutive ecca, or small horse, became a rough-coated and sturdy little pony in the Kro-lu country.
For three days the party marched due south through forests and meadow-land and great park-like areas where countless herbivorous animals grazed--deer and antelope and bos and the little ecca, the smallest species of Caspakian horse, about the size of a rabbit.
ECCA reckons its label is more suited to prepainted products because it is broader in scope and more comprehensive.