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ECCBEuropean Conference on Computational Biology
ECCBEastern Caribbean Central Bank
ECCBEvangelical Church of Czech Brethren (Czech Republic)
ECCBEuropean Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes (plants)
ECCBElectronic Credit Card Billing (various companies)
ECCBEtobicoke Community Concert Band (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)
ECCBElectronic Configuration Control Board (US Navy)
ECCBElectronics Components Certification Board, Inc.
ECCBEwing Cole Cherry Brott (architectural design firm)
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Furthermore, as the ECCB promotes the safety and soundness of the financial system in the ECCU, it also has a responsibility to encourage and support innovation consistent with the Bank's mandate to facilitate the balanced growth and development of member countries.
Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used to verify the measurement model for intrinsic religiosity, extrinsic religiosity and ECCB scales.
A escala ECCB foi elaborada por Roberts (1991), contendo uma variedade de comportamentos escolhidos dentro do dominio do consumo ecologicamente consciente.
The ECCB said, too, that new tax measures contributed to the inflationary picture.
Once again our study provides further supporting evidence to show that a person's level of ECCB is another strong predictor of his/hers purchase behaviour of GPE.
The ECCB feared Stanford could also withdraw from agreements to bankroll an annual pounds 13million winnertakes-all match between his All Stars side and England and a proposed quadrangular Twenty20 tournament to be staged at Lord's this summer.
The bank added that the ECCB is set to meet on January 17, without specifying whether the borrowing would be in rupee denomination or dollar.
Governor of the ECCB, Timothy Antoine, will lead off with the Keynote Address on Imperatives for Financial Sector Development in the Caribbean.
The ECCB also manages monetary policy, and regulates and supervises commercial banking activities in its member countries.
The ECCB will now have to look for new backers at a time when even globalscale companies are cutting back.
The former investors have sued the ECCB, which nationalized Stanford's other institution in Antigua, the Bank of Antigua, after the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) seized Stanford's enterprises on suspicion of fraud in February 2009.