ECDCEuropean Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
ECDCEarly Childhood Development Center (various schools)
ECDCEasy CD Creator (Roxio)
ECDCEast Cambridgeshire District Council (UK)
ECDCEasy Cd Creator
ECDCError Correction Data Compression
ECDCEastern Cape Development Corporation (South Africa)
ECDCEarly Child Development and Care (various organizations)
ECDCEconomic Cooperation Among Developing Countries (Group of 77 countries)
ECDCEthiopian Community Development Council, Inc. (Arlington, VA)
ECDCEnterprise Content Development Capability (software; US Army)
ECDCError Correction Data Compression (telecommunications)
ECDCEast County Democratic Club (California)
ECDCEnergy Child Development Center (DOE)
ECDCElectrochemical Diffused Collector Transistor
ECDCE-Content Development Center
ECDCElectronic Combat Development Center
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ECDC is looking for a contractor for the provision (purchase or rental), installation, maintenance and support of all multimedia equipment and related services used in the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and all-conference and meeting areas at the current as well as at the future ECDC premises.
An ECDC study published earlier this year also found that around one in six new cases of HIV diagnosed in Europe are in people over the age of 50.
This paper presents evidence from marine environments around the world showing that the ECDC Vibrio Map Viewer can detect environmental changes that are of public health importance.
For Zika virus disease surveillance in the absence of commercially available diagnostic laboratory tests, case definitions incorporating rash as a required clinical criteria, such as the PAHO, ECDC, and Singapore MOH case definitions, would be useful (LR+ >2), although [approximately equal to] 50% (range 44%-51%) of cases of Zika virus disease could be missed.
Of 437 subjects that were tested for syphilis, 180 had reactive results in both the reverse sequence and the ECDC algorithm.
ECDC also said that the EUR91,426 owed to the buyer had been repaid in full.
ECDC also said there were 48 "probable or confirmed cases" in Martinique; 25 "probable or confirmed cases" in St Barthelemy; 10 "probable or confirmed cases, including one imported case from St Martin in Guadeloupe"; and one "confirmed case imported from Martinique in French Guiana;
All of Nepal was happy with Pushpa's win, but the children of ECDC who call her 'mamu' (or mother) were the most ecstatic.
If PHAC, CDC, WHO, and ECDC numbers are supplemented with media numbers to reflect the most recent numbers, make sure it is from a reputable media source, for example, minister of health reporting new case of swine flu in Ottawa in breaking news of CNN website.
Until the investigation has been finalized, ECDC and EFSA strongly recommend advising consumers not to grow sprouts for their own consumption and not to eat sprouts or sprouted seeds unless they have been cooked thoroughly," they said.
CONTAMINATED BATCHES The ECDC and EFSA inquiry teams warned, however, that since contamination of the seeds could have occurred at any stage in the long and complex supply chain between seed production, transport, packaging and distribution, "this would also mean that other batches of potentially contaminated seeds are still available within the EU (European Union), and perhaps outside".
After identifying the critical policy questions confronting state policymakers, the ECDC identified 10 Fundamentals of coordinated state ECE data systems.