ECDPMEuropean Centre for Development Policy Management
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On the other hand, Angola retains its previous regime due to it being an LDC, and Tanzania is negotiating in the EAC, while South Africa exports to the EU under its own Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) (21) signed in 1999 (EC, 2013; ECDPM, 2012-13, 2011).
Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda (also COMESA members) have negotiated a separate agreement with the EAC customs union along with Tanzania, member of SADC, as already mentioned (EC, 2013; ECDPM, 2012-1 3, 2011).
Points made were that ECDPM should continue and increase its work to produce documentation on what the failures of regional agreements on EPAs could lead to even if they would be seen as controversial and that ECDPM should work out a brief, draft opinion article, to be used by members of the ECDPM Board and like-minded researchers and activists.
Peter jKatiavtvi, MP Member of the Pan African Parliament as well as Member of the ECDPM Board since 2005.
This ECDPM Board comprises of three people from Africa and seven from Europe.
I always look at my role as a board member at ECDPM as adding value to my work here in Namibia as well as at the Pan African Parliament.
ECDPM, Cotonou infokit: The New ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (Maastricht, ECDPM).
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