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EACTSATEchelon Above Corps (Super High Frequency) Tactical Satellite
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He came to the Signal Regiment as a civilian in 1986 and quickly became a moving force and visionary behind the regiment's "Echelon Above Corps" Signal Force evolution; ensuring that the Regiment kept pace with the changing technologies and demands of war fighting commanders.
CHIMS is designed to provide automation support for Army tactical CI and HUMINT collection, investigation, interrogation, document exploitation, and FP requirements from battalion to echelon above corps (EAC).
* Echelon above corps (EAC): Missions required to open and maintain sea and aerial ports of debarkation and the infrastructure feeding into the corps.
I think Army doctrine really never officially recognized Third Army as an echelon above corps. So Schwarzkopf had the corps commanders thinking they were doing something that was their responsibility, and then you had the division commanders--I just think we had too many staffs.
MTC facilities, whether new construction or legacy, include classrooms, reconfigurable tactical operations centers furnished with mission command systems that replicate battalion to echelon above corps, and the physical space required to conduct constructive simulation exercises that stimulate MC systems.
Initially, debate centered on whether the unit should deploy the ASE into theater; the rationale being the ASE is an echelon above corps (EAC) asset and can (should?) be used as sanctuary operations at home garrison.
My second assignment was the 414th Signal Company at Fort Meade, Md in 1981 to a tactical Signal battalion that contained three area Signal centers providing echelon above corps support.
Headquarters, INSCOM, has begun some initial experimentation with the ASAS-Light in order to eventually modify it for a unique echelon above corps (EAC) mission.
It is slightly ironic that the Army Military Intelligence (Ml) element supporting the Joint tip of the spear is an echelon above corps (EAC) unit, a unit that we do not categorize as tactical.
Bn., installs, operates, and maintains an Echelon Above Corps Digital Group Multiplex communications system for a theater army or joint task force.