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ECPIEast Coast Polytechnic Institute (various locations)
ECPIEuropean Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (European plasticiser trade association)
ECPIExxon Chemical Patents, Inc.
ECPIEntreprise Cléonnaise Plastiques Industriels (French: Cléonnaise Industrial Plastics Company; Cléon, France)
ECPIElectronic Crime Partnership Initiative
ECPIEasyCall Communications Philippines Inc.
ECPIElectronic Computer Programming Institute
ECPIEarly Career Principal Investigator
ECPIElectronic College of Process Innovation
ECPIElectronic Corporate Pages, Inc.
ECPIEnvironmental Construction Products International, Inc.
ECPIEnhanced Proliferation Control Initiative
ECPIEchinochloa Picta
ECPIEast Coast Pinochle Invasion
ECPIElectronics, Communications, Programming and Information
ECPIElectronics, Communications, Programming and Information Systems
ECPIEquitable Classroom Practices Institute