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ECHISEuropean Core Health Interview Survey (European Health Survey System)
ECHISEastern Connecticut Home Inspection Services (Willimantic, CT)
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Echis carinatus is distributed throughout Middle East, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
IPC's technology and expertise will allow ECHIS to greatly boost its performance, said Ibne-Rasa, who will be in charge of the physician group.
The field study phase of the current study included examining thermo relationships for Echis pyramidum serpents at peack field activity by recording: Air temperature (Ta), Soil temperature (Ts), Body temperature (Tb) and Gender of serpents.
ironsi, and Atyphloceras echis echis), one tick (Ornithodoros sp.
Purification of a basic phospholipase A2 from indian saw scaled viper Echis carinatus venos: caracterization of antigenic, catalytic and pharmacological properties.
21) En primer lugar se encuentran los activadores del grupo A que pertenecen a la superfamilia de las metaloproteasas, que no dependen de cofactores para activar la protrombina; una de las mas estudiadas de este grupo es la ecarina aislada de Echis carinatus.
The only anti-venom available in Abu Dhabi hospitals is Polyvalent Snake Antivenom (Equine), which contains immunoglobulin fraction in a sufficient quantity to neutralise 25 times the lethal dose of venom of six species of snakes, including Bitis Arietans, Cerastes Cerastes, Echis Carinatus, Echis Coloratus, Naja Haje and Walterinnesia Aegyptia.
Antigenic relationships and relative immunogenicities of isolated metalloproteinases from Echis ocellatus venom.
The tribe now captures venomous snakes--cobras Naja naja, vipers Vipera russelli, Echis carinata, and kraits Bungarus caeruleus, Bungarus fasciatus--milk their venom and release the snakes in reserved forests.
Mirza and Ahmad practiced together at ECHIS and were co-owners of the practice.
Proporcionando al practicante una inteligencia kinetica (uso de todo el cuerpo o sus partes), asi como un incremento de sus habilidades de observacion, fisicas, cognitivas, sociales y afectivas, pensamiento abstracto, su auto estima, su pensamiento critico, creatividad motora, concentracion en las tareas del movimiento y analisis de problemas, expande, ademas, su conciencia interpersonal y aprende el valor de la diferencia individual (Chen y Cone, 2003; Smutny, 2002; Jensen, Echis y Luna, 2001; Erickson, 2004; Smutny, 2002; Wang, 2003).