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ECHOSEpiphany Community Health Outreach Services (Houston, TX)
ECHOSEuropean Conference on Hybrid and Organic Solar Cells (Paris, France)
ECHOSEarly Childhood Observation System (education)
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The visit to Echo Lodge was not the least pleasant of many pleasant holiday outings.
I had joined the party, and had a moment's leisure to examine them before the echo of Ethan's blast returned from the hill.
We took an open barouche and drove two miles out of Milan to "see ze echo," as the guide expressed it.
Brooke, and within ten yards of him, the effigy of himself: buff-colored waistcoat, eye-glass, and neutral physiognomy, painted on rag; and there had arisen, apparently in the air, like the note of the cuckoo, a parrot-like, Punch-voiced echo of his words.