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The field formations of I- T Departments have been told to share relevant information in suitable cases in Regional Economic Intelligence Council forum.
The efforts will be further strengthened keeping upcoming elections in mind, a senior Central Economic Intelligence Bureau ( CEIB) official said.
According to the paper, the National Intelligence Estimate named three other countries, Russia, Israel and France, as having engaged in hacking for economic intelligence.
Kocherlakota defended the inclusion of bankers by emphasising that they provide important economic intelligence to policy makers and are in no way involved in the supervisory aspects of the central bank.
He said that both SBP & IBA will keep working together in future to build such economic intelligence tools with a view to developing a better understanding of country's economy.
Ken McCarthy, managing director of the Economic Intelligence Company, noted that the relative health of U.S.
Anna Leach, the CBI's head of economic intelligence, said: "UK manufacturers are once more performing strongly as global growth and the lower level of sterling continue to support demand.
Anna Leach, CBI head of economic intelligence, said: "It's encouraging to see some vigour returning to the retail sector in September, with sales growth picking up from August and consumer demand expected to hold up reasonably well next month."
Our foreign missions were directed to put more of their energies and resources into seeking and seizing opportunities for increased trade, tourism, investment, development assistance, and economic intelligence. The last refers to information from both formal and informal sources that may have relevance to maximizing our economic opportunities overseas.
BLACK money to the tune of around ` 3,000 crore has been unearthed in the country by the Central Economic Intelligence Agency during the first half of this year.
he proved highly co-operative," the Telegraph quoted an economic intelligence official as saying.
Mian Shaukat said Pakistan has the highest cost of borrowing in the world and this fact has also been confirmed by the Economic Intelligence Unit London, due to which industries are closing and businesses are shrinking.