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EMÜEuroopa Majandusühenduse
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The economic and monetary union, together with the single currency, ensures economic stability and resilience to financial crises, higher growth and employment, and contributes to a better functioning of the single market.
The Economic and Monetary Union constitutes Europe's highest--and most visible-degree of integration.
As a follow-up, the president of the European Council is invited to develop, in close collaboration with the president of the Commission, the president of the Eurogroup and the president of the ECB, a specific and time-bound roadmap for the achievement of a genuine Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)," the draft said.
There are currently three regional monetary unions--the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU); the Economic and Monetary Community for Central Africa (CAEMC) and Common Monetary Area (CMA) or the 'rand zone' in Southern Africa, comprising Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland.
and euro-area money markets has increased since the advent of the European Economic and Monetary Union in 1999.
Hein & Company (Buffalo, NY) has published Report on the Progress Toward Convergence and Recommendation with a View to the Transition to the Third Stage of Economic and Monetary Union.
European economic and monetary union (EMU) is arguably the biggest economic experiment attempted in this century.
The past twelve months have witnessed a transformation of prospects for the creation of economic and monetary union in Europe.
The Masastricht Treaty commitment to the economic and monetary union (Emu) follows a lengthy process of building up monetary integration, starting with the European Monetary System (1979), then, in the 1980s, the free movement of capital and integration of financial markets.
Presents the likely future of European economic and monetary union given the present economic and political climate
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