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EDUS Department of Education
EDEdit (IBM)
EDEvery Day
EDEmergency Department
EDExecutive Director
EDEngineering Design
EDEngineering Department (US Army, circa 1900)
EDEconomic Development
EDEnvironmental Design
EDEnvironmental Defense
EDExposure Draft
EDEffective Date
EDElectronic Discovery (law)
EDEating Disorder
EDEvil Dead (game)
EDErectile Dysfunction
EDEastern Division
EDEarly Detection
EDEmily Dickinson
EDEdison (conglomerate of power companies)
EDExtra-Low Dispersion (glass)
EDEvent Driven (simulation method)
EDEmotional Disturbance
EDEminent Domain
EDEmotionally Disturbed
EDEnforcement Division
EDEarly Death (oncology)
EDEarly Dismissal
EDEffective Dose
EDEngineering Data
EDEmotional Disability
EDEnumeration District
EDEnforcement Directorate (India)
EDElectric Dipole (physics)
EDEarly Decision
EDEntertainment District
EDEuropean Delivery (cars)
EDEndocrine Disruptor
EDEqually Distributed
EDEric Dickerson (ex-NFL player)
EDEngineering Development
EDEternal Darkness (video game)
EDExposure Duration
EDEncyclopedia Dramatica
EDÉcole Doctorale (French: Graduate School)
EDEvolutionary Development
EDEvaluation Directive (US DoD)
EDExcise Duty
EDEdge Distance
EDExternal Device
EDElectron Diffraction
EDEuropean Directive
EDEn Dergelijke (Dutch: et cetera)
EDEmergency Dispatch
EDEnzymatic Digestion
EDExplosives Detection
EDEarly Deployment
EDEmployment Date
EDElectrical Discharge (metal machining process)
EDEx Dividend
EDEngine Down (band)
EDError Detecting
EDEquipment Description (Bell System)
EDEngineering Demonstration (Synthetic Theater of War program)
EDEctodermal Dysplasias
EDEdge Detector
EDExtensor Digitorum
EDErectile Difficulties
EDEnvelope Delay (US DoD)
EDEpileptiform Discharge
EDExecutive Directive
EDExplosive Diarrhea
EDExploratory Development
EDExplosive Decompression (rapid expansion of gas in elastomeric seals)
EDEmotional Dysregulation
EDExpedited Data
EDEmergency Director
EDEphemeris Data
EDEnhanced Damage (Diablo game)
EDExperiences and Directions (OWL workshop)
EDEuropean Dialogue (human rights group; UK)
EDEstrutura de Dados
EDEnding Delimiter
EDExempt From Duty
EDEnterprise Dynamics (decision support tool)
EDEnergy Delay
EDExit Distance (US DoD)
EDEdge Density
EDExploitation and Development
EDEnforcement Droid (Robocop)
EDErase Display
EDExcused from Duty
EDEmergency Decontamination
EDEuclidean Domain
EDEmbarkation Depot
EDError Density
EDExtra-High Density
EDEfficiency Decoration
EDEmergency Destruction
EDElectronic Deception
EDEncephalomyelitis disseminata (multiple sclerosis)
EDEuro Deli (Montreal, QB, Canada restaurant)
EDElectron Domain
EDElbow-Disarticulation (amputation)
EDElectrical Differential
EDElectronic Detention (parole)
EDEye-Protective Device
EDExhaust Damper
EDEar Diameter (corn)
EDExplosives Development
EDEuropean Doctorate in the Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean
EDEnigma Designs
EDExperiment Driver
EDElectrostatic Death (band)
EDEmbryonation Day
EDEngineer Directives (USACE)
EDEffective Date Unit Enters Federal Active Duty
EDExotic Dancing/Dancer
EDElectronic Distancer
EDEvolutionary Distinctiveness (scoring system used by Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE))
EDDefinitive Orbital Element
EDElectronics Lock Deck
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"This will ultimately lead to more innovative economic development organizations that use the latest trends in marketing technology and communication."
To qualify for program consideration, each applicant must submit a marketing plan that has a direct impact on the communitys economic growth and supports Duke Energys economic development goals.
The Vice Presidents are Valencia Williamson of Hattiesburg with Area Development Partnership as Vice President of Chamber Development; Allison Beasley of Gulfport with Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District as Vice President of Community Development; Mitch Stringer of Jackson with Cooperative Energy as Vice President of Economic Development; and Hunter Aycock of Tupelo with the Community Development Foundation as Vice President of Emerging Leaders.
"This means designing where and how economic development efforts will be focused and implemented," based on community values, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
Speakers range from state and regional economic development professionals to high-ranking federal officials.
After years of relying on Perry to serve as the spokesman for Texas' economic opportunity, the Texas Economic Development Council decided it needed to step up its efforts, Team Texas Executive Director Lorie Vincent said.
While the current financial climate makes taking on large, capital-intensive development projects a challenge, local leaders know that economic development creates jobs and prosperity--and is therefore indispensible.
An extensive search of existing graduate programs found award-winning graduate entrepreneurship degree programs, such as the ones at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the program at Western Carolina University, or quality programs focusing on economic development, such as the University of Southern Mississippi program, but no program was found that formally combined both economic development and entrepreneurship.
"I personally feel a need for an economic development role in the city," Hillman said.
Indeed, the geography hypothesis identifies some important correlates of economic development, but few points are worth mentioning.
The RFP delineates the economic development goals that responses must address, such as complementing the schools to the north of the Armory, strengthening and diversifying the local retail base, providing jobs for local residents, and incorporating principles of sustainable design.
The future of health services isn't just about medicine and medical technologies, it's also about economic development for communities all across Northern Ontario, which is just one of the ideas set to be discussed at the upcoming national conference for the Economic Developers' Association of Canada (EDAC).
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