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EHEnglish Heritage
EHEconomic History (economics)
EHEast Hampton
EHRedox Potential
EHEnvironmental Hazards (various organizations)
EHEvent Horizon
EHEdinburgh, Scotland (postal code)
EHException Handling (programming technique)
EHEnglish Horn
EHEnvironmental Safety and Health
EHEvolvable Hardware
EHEuskal Herritarrok (leftist Basque nationalist group)
EHElectric Heater
EHErnie Hudson (actor)
EHEastern Hemisphere (airline code)
EHEspresso House (coffee chain; Sweden)
EHExtra Hazardous
EHEast Hanover (New Jersey)
EHExtra Hitter (added hitter used in Babe Ruth baseball)
EHEngland Hockey
EHEmotionally Handicapped
EHEkoostik Hookah (musical group)
EHElectric Hoist
EHElectronic Harassment
EHEmperor's Hammer (Star Wars gaming fan group)
EHEhrenhalber (German: Honoris Causa)
EHEscort Helicopter
EHEngineering House
EHEmerald Heights (retirement home)
EHEnglish Hardness (water)
EHEbon Hawk (Star Wars ship)
EHEusoff Hall (National University of Singapore)
EHSahara Español (Western Sahara, ISO code)
EHEmpty Height
EHEastern Hancock (high school)
EHEnfield Homes (Enfield, UK)
EHElectronic Warfare Helicopter (US Army)
EHExercise Head
EHEquivalent Hertz
EHEvaluation Headquarters
EHEngrossed in the House of Representatives (bill status)
EHSymbol for standard oxidation-reduction potential
EHEncyclopedia Holistica
EHExtremely High Risk Rating
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Professor Phillipp Schofield, from the department of History and Welsh History at Aberystwyth, has been an editor of the Economic History Review since 2011.
Victor Bulmer-Thomas The economic history of the Caribbean since the Napoleonic wars.
This edited book is a tribute to Thomas Lindblad, who contributed significantly to the development of Indonesian economic history in the Netherlands over the past thirty years.
THE Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation is opening its historical archive, and in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and the European University Cyprus, will be researching archives relating to the island's modern economic history.
Strikingly, many employers are also arguing that a knowledge of economic history might be particularly useful.
2) A number of papers from the conferences on a variety of aspects of the New Deal were published in a special issue of Explorations in Economic History in October 2013.
Francesco Boldizzoni, The Poverty of Clio: Resurrecting Economic History (Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2011, 228 pp.
It is a trove of information on the economic history of Australia presented in stunning, diagrammatic form.
This collection begins and ends with reflections on the decline of economic history and its implications for Tasmanian historiography.
169), and argues from the outset that economic history is "going through a deep identity crisis" (p.
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