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As with Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, at times I couldn't help be reminded of devout believers who describe their past sins in great detail while never falling to add "of course now I know that was wrong" after Finishing each salacious anecdote.
In Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins described his involvement in a shadowy global corporate capitalist world of corruption and covert activity in which "economic hit men" bribed and economically threatened government officials and others in order to pursue the objectives of their corporate masters and the allied US government, while CIA agents and other "jackals" pursued the same agenda with more forceful means, including coups and assassinations, in those cases where the economic hit men failed.
With an introduction by John Perkins who originally coined the EHM phrase and whose book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man was a surprise publishing hit in 2004, in many ways this book is an update on how corporatism continues to run amok and impacts the very poorest of the developing world.
The third book I bought, apparently much different from the first two, was Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, by John Perkins.
5) John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, decided to publish his tell-all autobiography about his regrettable work as an EHM.
A GAME AS OLD AS EMPIRE: THE SECRET WORLD OF ECONOMIC HIT MEN AND THE WEB OF GLOBAL CORRUPTION comes from the author of the best-selling CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN and expands upon the prior book's theme.
John Perkins was an economic hit man, a highly paid professional whose job it was to cheat countries around the world out of trillions of dollars in foreign aid.
Just browse through the large number of books now in bookstores written by Wall Street's dissidents now in exile: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John M.
En ese momento, entendimos que esta idea de un Economic Hit Man (EHM) era sumamente buena.
John Perkins' interview (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, NA, Oct and Nov) reveals an odious underground activity by the US government that is so scary that there is no word enough to qualify it.
In his 2004 book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (ISBN: 1576753018) he describes an international finance system that helps the U.
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