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EDAElectronic Design Automation
EDAEconomic Development Administration
EDAEconomic Development Authority
EDAEvent-Driven Architecture
EDAEuropean Defence Agency
EDAExploratory Data Analysis
EDAEnterprise Digital Assistant (Motorola)
EDAEngineering Design and Automation
EDAEducazione Degli Adulti (Italian: Adult Education)
EDAElectoral District Association (Canada)
EDAEvent Driven Architecture
EDAEvent Driven Application
EDAElectronic Design Applications
EDAEasy Directory Access
EDAÉglise d'Asie (French: Asian Church)
EDAÉcole des Avocats (French: Law School)
EDAEntrée des Artistes (French: Artists' Entrance)
EDAÉconomat des Armées (French: Commissary of the Army)
EDAExperimental Design Analysis (scientific method)
EDAEating Disorders Association (UK)
EDAEuropean Dairy Association
EDAEating Disorders Anonymous
EDAElectronic Document Access
EDAElection Defense Alliance (Culver City, CA)
EDAEnvironnement et Développement Alternatif (French: Environment and Alternative Development)
EDAEuropean Demolition Association
EDAEnvironmental Destruction Agency (government reference)
EDAÉcole de Danse Aubagnaise (French dance school)
EDAÉducation et Apprentissage (French: Education and Learning)
EDAEuropean Dyslexia Association
EDAEconomic Development America
EDAEnterprise Data Access
EDAEasy Data Access (computing)
EDAElectricity Distributors Association
EDAEnterprise Desktop Alliance (consortium)
EDAEnhanced Directory Assistance
EDAExcess Defense Article(s)
EDAElevation Drive Assembly (US NASA)
EDAEngineering Design Activities (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project)
EDAEconomically Disadvantaged Area
EDAEctodysplasin A
EDAElectronic Data Access
EDAEgyptian Dental Association
EDAElectronic Directory Assistance
EDAEngineering Design & Analysis, Ltd. (Canada)
EDAExotic Dancers Alliance
EDAEss Dee Aluminium (India)
EDAEuropean Door Association (France)
EDAEstimated Date of Arrival
EDAEscape Defect Analysis
EDAEmbedded Document Architecture
EDAHarvard Election Data Archive
EDAExecutive Development Associates, Inc (Oklahoma City, OK)
EDAEntrepôts de Données et l'Analyse (French: data warehouses and analysis)
EDAEctodermal Dysplasia, Anhidrotic
EDAElectronic Display Assembly
EDAEducational Development Association (UK)
EDAÉlectricité Dépannage Auto (French: Auto Electrical Repairs)
EDAEnglish Draughts Association
EDAÉquipe Diocésaine d'Animation (French: Diocesan Animation Team)
EDAEarly Development Activity Center (Sony Education Foundation; Japan)
EDAEmployment Directed Activity (New Jersey)
EDAEmergency Declaration Area
EDAExistential Death Anxiety (psychology)
EDAEthylidene Diacetate
EDAExternal Data Access
EDAElectronic Design Architecture
EDAElectrochemical Design Associates
EDAElectronic Differential Analyzer
EDAEconomic Decision Analysis
EDAEarly Development Association (Tokyo, Japan)
EDAEsquadrão de Demonstrações Aéreas (Brazilian Air Force air show squadron, also known as Esquadrilha da Fumaça)
EDAEconomie Dinamiche Asiatiche (Italian: Dynamic Asian Economies)
EDAEarly Departure Authorized
EDAElectric Dipole Antenna
EDAElectronic Digital Analyzer
EDAEspace Dance Alès (French dance company)
EDAEducational Development Associates, LLC
EDAEthernet Device Adapter
EDAEmergency Distance Available (aircraft performance)
EDAEstimated Date of Award
EDAExternal Device Access (Nortel)
EDAExtended Dynamic Allocation (3GPP)
EDAEight Doctor Adventure (BBC)
EDAEmergency Dissemination Authority
EDAElectronic Dialogue Archive (Mendocino Unified School District)
EDAEnvironmental Decision Aid
EDAExtended Data Architecture
EDAEuropean Desalination Association
EDAEstimated Date of Availability
EDAEquipment Design Agent
EDAElectronic and Domestic Appliances (Belgium)
EDAExplosive Dish Assembly
EDAElectric Drive Assembly
EDAEd DuPont & Associates
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It is notable that such concentrations of betting shops seem to appear in more economically disadvantaged areas.
State Department, Access aims to help young people from economically disadvantaged areas in Lebanon learn English and leadership skills, but it has also helped to break down barriers between communities, regions and sects by connecting young people from across the country.
At the last meeting of the full council I moved the following motion (which was supported by all the Labour and Plaid Cymru councillors and some of the so called Independent councillors): "Mobile libraries provide a vital service to both rural and economically disadvantaged areas.
chair of the House Committee on Small Business, has stated that he does not support the measure but is willing to discuss what is best for the program and for small businesses in economically disadvantaged areas.
In addition to more conservative recommendations against abortion and gay marriage, the letter takes this charge to mean more progressive legislation such as access to healthcare, most notably for illegal immigrants, and equal access to the Internet for religious and nonprofit organizations as well as economically disadvantaged areas.
The study measured surprising improvements in vision and hearing in economically disadvantaged areas where eyeglasses and hearing aids are not readily available.
He received the honour for his efforts to promote enterprise in economically disadvantaged areas, for developing a community enterprise coaching model and encouraging enterprise in education projects in schools.
Funding should go above all to economically disadvantaged areas, but the policy should not evolve to such an extent that entire areas of European territory are excluded.
The contributions made to the EU by member states facilitate processes of standardisation that promote a level playing-field in trade, and strengthen the economic and trading position of Europe''s economically disadvantaged areas - which include Wales.
Each swimmer raised sponsorship for MSF to assist in its humanitarian efforts and programmes benefiting needy people in war-torn countries and economically disadvantaged areas.
That bill would continue the Community Redevelopment and Opportunity Program tax credit, which gives credits to those that build in economically disadvantaged areas.
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