ECOPEmployers Confederation of the Philippines
ECOPEye Consultants of Pennsylvania (Wyomissing, PA)
ECOPExtension Committee on Organization and Policy (Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities)
ECOPEast Coast Orthotic and Prosthetic Corp. (est. 1997; New York)
ECOPEquipment Common Operating Picture
ECOPEmployee Car Ownership Plan (UK)
ECOPEducational Council on Osteopathic Principles (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine)
ECOPElectromagnetically Charged Organic Particle
ECOPEnvironmental Community of Practice (USACE)
ECOPEnhanced Common Operational Picture
ECOPExport Compliance Professional (Export Compliance Training Institute)
ECOPElectrical Check Out Panel
ECOPEvolutionary Change in Organizational Populations
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Africa, however, disagrees with the statement of the government and the Ecop.
nonworking days would hamper operations and production especially for the manufacturing and service sectors,' Ecop president Donald Dee said in the paper, which was shared with media.
For I Corps, the three primary functions of DCGS-A in intelligence reach include: establishing and maintaining the ECOP, providing support to targeting, and conducting in-depth and longerterm analysis.
CoPs and eCoPs share common characteristics, among them voluntary membership, problem focus, distributed leadership, accessibility, shared identity, and sustainability (Ho et al.
Similarly, ECOP (2007) summarized internal challenges in three key areas including: (a) becoming more flexible and agile in identifying and serving a diverse array of clientele, (b) strengthening and diversifying funding streams, and (c) speeding up the rate of organizational transformation, and suggested improving the quality and skills of Extension personnel as one strategy for transforming Cooperative Extension.
G-8 has a detailed brochure that explains the ECOP and ONS processes: https://www.
Summary of rapid acquisition processes Joint Army Air Force Rapid Joint urgent Operational Rapid acquisition operational needs state- Response process need ment & Rapid Process name Equipping Force Primary CJCSI ECOP User's AFI 63-114 document 3470.
Information on ECOP is available on the Third Army Web site at www.
ECOP is designed to prepare students to enter and successfully complete degrees in health or allied health schools, and to pursue health professional careers as doctors, dentists, and allied health professionals.
One project for the application of ECOP technology is to group the CRTs in such a way as to provide the illusion of a panoramic view.
If the government truly aims to attract more foreign investors, as stated by the country's economic managers, the Ecop chief urged the President to at least make his directives clear.