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ECOSIMEcological and Environmental Monitoring and Simulation System for Management Decision Support in Urban Areas
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Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) (CHRISTENSEN et al., 2005) is one of the most used models to estimate properties of ecosystems and energy flows in aquatic environments.
Entsminger, Ecosim: Null Models Software for Ecology, Acquired Intelligence Inc.
A test of similarity of resource utilization by the fishes (niche overlap-based on Pianka's model (23)) was assessed using the software EcoSim (24).
We used EcoSim 7.0 software (Gotelli and Entsminger, 2003) to generate Monte Carlo permutations of the observed data matrix.
edracantha se hizo siguiendo a Triplehorn y Johnson (2005) hasta el nivel de Orden (Tabla 1), adaptada a los requerimientos del programa EcoSim 7.1 (Gotelli y Entsminger, 2009) y analizada con el modelo de solapamiento de nichos y nivel de competencia entre los ejemplares.
El programa Ecosim 7.0 (Gotelli & Entsminger 2010), basado en modelos nulos de simulacion, nos permite diferenciar entre patrones reales y resultados producto del azar.
Ecopath, Ecosim and Ecospace as tools for evaluating ecosystem impact of fisheries.