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ECOWASEconomic Community Of West African States
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On 29 June, the ECOWAS Commission and its development partners pledged to continue to work towards a common regional trade strategy, build a monetary integration programme, and implement a Common External Tariff (CET).
Senegal president Macky Sall who is the ECOWAS chairman, urged both sides to come to a compromise as soon as possible to minimize bloodshed.
The kick-off meeting was held in Abuja with experts from Penspen and a team of Ecowas headed by Bayaornibe Dabire, director of Energy, Ecowas Commission who quoted in his opening remarks the importance of WAGP and the need for its extension as an opportunity to meet energy demand in the region.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Senegalese leader Macky Sall also arrived in Burkina Faso on Wednesday at Mahama's invitation as part of an ECOWAS leaders delegation.
Crespin briefed the gathering of the trends in health situation within the ECOWAS region where HIV/AIDS though on the decline still sees more than 5 million without access to essential medicines.
We focus on the average tariff rate as an indicator of trade reform pursued by ECOWAS countries in the context of structural adjustment programs (SAP) by the World Bank.
Mamadou Seck, Adviser to Minister for Foreign Affairs of Senegal, who represented the Minister at the opening ceremony, noted that "with its mutual and human riches, economic potential, historical and cultural affinities of its people, ECOWAS constitutes a homogeneous entity.
It is clear from their exposition that ECOWAS primarily promotes economic development but its scope has been expanded to include peace and security.
The African Union has also issued a statement supporting the proposed military intervention, calling upon countries across the continent to support the Ecowas operation logistically.
The ECOWAS source said military chiefs were requesting a total of 5,500 troops.
French President Francois Hollande said the ball is in the court of Ecowas and the Africans to finalise the response.
Both Mali's government and the West African regional body Ecowas have made requests for authorisation for an international force to intervene, with Ecowas proposing a force of 3,000.