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eCPMEffective CPM (Cost Per Thousand impressions; advertising)
ECPMEuropean Christian Political Movement
ECPMEcole Européenne de Chimie, Matériaux et Polymères (Strasbourg)
ECPMEngineering and Construction Project Management (training course; ProjectPro)
ECPMEngineering, Procurement and Construction Management
ECPMExternal Combustion Power Module
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We regularly exceed an eCPM above $20 with our Action Bowling iOS title, which has over 30 million downloads.
25% CTR for an advertiser at a $2 CPC, then you've got a campaign that operates at an eCPM of $5.
com), the digital media platform company for publishers, announced the results of a commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact Study performed on four PubMatic clients which revealed a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 334%; 30% lift on eCPM for discretionary inventory through RTB; and 50% incremental lift by leveraging a Private Marketplace strategy with use of the platform.
The firm was later restructured into three entities - ECPM & Associes (a registered audit practice), A.
Kadri, Doctorate thesis ECPM, Departement Polymeres, Universite Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France (1997).
The optimization and real-time dynamic of RTB inventory and sale has lead to vastly improved eCPMs for the publisher (with an average of a 100 percent increase in eCPM) and a significant increase in targeting capabilities and ROI for the advertiser.
Optimization also ensures better eCPM and overall revenue realization for developers.