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EDAHEconomic Development Alliance of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI)
EDAHEbben, Damen, Aukes, Hettema (Dutch retail organization)
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Furthermore, items were also included from EDAH and Conner scale (teacher forms), as well ADHD-Rating Scale-IV and SDQ.
one clearly secular future groom said in the Edah Haredi religious magistrate building.
Teachers completed the EDAH Scale (Evaluation of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Scale), which is a questionnaire used to diagnose the presence of ADHD in children.
El objetivo de la presente investigacion fue evaluar y comparar las propiedades psicometricas (fiabilidad y validez) para el TDAH de tres escalas: el IDDA, la EDAH y la adaptacion espanola de la EGDAH IV, en una poblacion de escolares chilenos.
I'm not surprised to feel a tap on my shoulder and follow them outside as the voices of my edah, my fellow campers going into seventh grade, sing "It's a Tree of Life to those who hold fast to it.
Estudo epidemiologico dos sintomas do transtorno do deficit de atencao/ hiperatividade e transtornos de comportamento em escolares da rede publica de Florianopolis usando EDAH.
Although there are a few anti-Zionists such as Edah Ha Chareidis, Satmar and Neurei Karta International, right-wing Zioinists dominate, such as Tsomet, Shas, Morasha, Shinui Ometz, Gush Emunim (Ne'emanei Eretz Yisrael), the Jewish National Front (Hayil), and the National Movement (Herut) among others.
Laurus, the second-largest food retailer in the Netherlands, has said it plans to sell most of its Edah and Konmar stores.
Interestingly, the Mishnah's assertion here that the biblical word edah (community) means minimally ten men is already predicated on the verse that would become the locus classicus for establishing the equivalency, namely God's reference to the ten spies returning from Canaan with critical reports (excluding Joshua and Caleb): "How much longer shall that wicked community (edah) keep muttering against Me?
Quickly gaining national retail market share of five percent after rollout, it is now gearing up to expand offerings beyond an initial launch of nine products distributed through Edah, Konmar and Super de Boer outlets.