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EDGARElectronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval (US SEC)
EDGAREducation Department General Administrative Regulations
EDGARElectronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval
EDGAREmission Database for Global Atmospheric Research
EDGARExtraction of Drugs, Genes and Relations (natural language processing system)
EDGARExperimental Design Generator and Randomiser (UK)
EDGARElectronic Data Gathering and Reporting
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Because 10-K Lookup is easy to use and offers advanced full-text search functionality, CCH says, it can be employed by novices and experts alike to quickly find valuable information within SEC EDGAR filings, such as detail on financial statements; management's discussion and analysis (MD & A); legal and financial agreements; financial data; director and executives, insider transactions, and SEC news.
Joseph Kanon's ``Los Alamos'' won the Edgar for best first mystery by an American, while ``L.
In January or February of 1990, Edgar Monroe gave each of the 29 legatees gift checks in about the same amounts as the bequests they had renounced.
EDGAR Online president and CEO, Susan Strausberg, and Chief Operating Officer and CFO, Greg Adams, will host the call.
EDGAR & ELLEN: UNDER TOWN by Charles Ogden and illustrated by Rick Carton is a real page-turner.
Susan Strausberg, CEO and president of EDGAR Online, said the new focus on the financial services market will streamline the company's operations, increase product development efficiencies, and allow for more targeted marketing.
It went in with all the unpublished manuscripts,'' said grandson Danton Burroughs, who is a director and secretary-treasurer of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.
At long last, EDGAR, the Securities and Exchange Commission's electronic filing project, is a reality.
The EDGAR database is available from several free Web sites, each with its own impressive added-value search and display features.
Before taking up with Uncle Edgar she refines her pickup technique: ``If I do up my hair and wear my glasses, the men will be subtly more prosperous-looking - smooth businessmen and visiting Germans.
Guinevere Garcia apparently had had a change of heart: "Thank God that this has happened," her lawyer quoted her as saying after Edgar commuted her death sentence to life in prison with no chance of parole.