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EOTWEnd of the World
EOTWEye of the World (Wheel of Time book 1 by Robert Jordan)
EOTWEdge of the Web (web conference)
EOTWEdge of Traveled Way (transportation engineering)
EOTWEmployee of the Week
EOTWExecutives On The Web
EOTWEmperor of the World (Lord of the Rings)
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The second most common location for the spiders was off center from the hub but more than 10cm from the edge of the web. When we observed spiders feeding (both in pairs and alone), they were similarly found in or near the hub.
When [beta] = 0.2375, the constrained edge of the web is equivalent to a simply supported edge with a buckling half-wavelength [a.sub.0] being the length a of the plate.
It is incredible that the male which is one-tenth the size of the female, lives on the outer edge of the web. As soon as the female feeds, the tiny little male will quickly impregnate her before she possibly sees him as potential prey to be devoured (see picture).
It measures total web tension across the roll face regardless of web position on the roll, and regardless of which edge of the web is tighter.
At the time of writing, coworking is mostly the preserve of those working at the cutting edge of the web industry.
Just like the schools on the cutting edge of the web in the late '90s, there are certainly institutions that are taking the lead in creating, using, and distributing digital media.
Leading service and support organizations are already at the leading edge of the Web 2.0 revolution, which means they're in a great position to benefit from technology that enables and formalizes Web 2.0 practices.
It should be noted that our regression coefficients to compute enhanced E were based on the test results limited to T-brace assemblies fabricated with 2 by 4 Utility SPF lumber (which varied in E from 0.849 to 2.29 million psi), where the brace was symmetrically attached to the edge of the web with 16d box nails at 6-inch spacing.
After the web is cut, a nozzle bar blows the edge of the web into the gap between the belt system and the shaft.
Defects can be marked along the edge of the web or in any cross-web position with any number of independent or simultaneous markers.
A mark is placed along the edge of the web at the location of the defect or off-spec product and can be long, short, continuous or pulsed and can be coded to represent unique data that can be decoded downstream.
One general pattern in the distribution of stabilimenta among orb weavers is that among the many species of orb weavers in which the spider rests during the day at the edge of the web rather than the hub, not a single species builds a stabilimentum (Eberhard 2003).