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EKBOEvangelischen Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz (German: Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia)
EKBOEdgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object (astronomy)
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At the symposium a total of 23 presentations was given on wide-ranging subjects including the history of occultation phenomena as seen from northern England, early observations of Baily's beads seen during solar eclipses, accounts of successful grazing lunar occultations and asteroidal occultations, observations of mutual eclipses and occultations of the galilean moons of Jupiter, seasonal variation in the atmosphere of Pluto as probed by occultation and photometric studies, use of high-speed photometry to detect occultations involving Edgeworth-Kuiper belt objects, and accounts of various observing methods, accurate timing and software developments facilitating analysis.