EDIGE.Digital Corp. (California)
EDIGEuropean Defence Industries Group
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En la Introduccion de Bernardo Soares al Livro do Desassossego (Assirio & Alvim, Edig. Richard Zenith, 4a Edig.
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Thomas Edig, who has been a Member of the sports car manufacturer's Executive Board since 2006, described the appointment as "a great honour".
Norway's ambassador Sven Svedman welcomes Thomas Edig's appointment as the new Norwegian honorary consul in Baden-WE-rttemberg.
Edig makalesinde, ulus insasinin catismayi onleme ve bolgesel istikrar uzerinde nasil bir etkisi olabilecegi konusuna odaklanmistir.
Additional highly talented experts will help us to further increase our position as the innovation leader in car construction", said Thomas Edig, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management and Director of Human Resources and Social Affairs.
Martin Winterkorn (chairman), Hans Dieter PE[micro]tsch (finance) and Thomas Edig (commercial and administrative issues).
eDigital Corporation (OTCBB: EDIG), a US-based technology innovator of dedicated portable entertainment systems and patented flash memory-related technology, has announced delivery of eVU portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems to SriLankan Airlines.
This is what impressed the DGNB, it's excellent news for our workforce and it reinforces the position of Porsche as a good employer," said Thomas Edig, Deputy Chairman and Member of the Executive Board Human Resources and Social Affairs of Porsche AG.
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(122.) Id.; Annette van Edig et al., Transboundary, Institutional, and Legal Aspects of the Water Resources Commission in Ghana 4-5 (2001) (unpublished paper for the Ctr.
e.Digital Corporation (EDIG), a leading innovator of dedicated portable entertainment systems and patented flash memory-related technology, today reported that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has accepted the Company's request to amend certain claims of its patent US 5,491,774.