EDMEErgothérapie de la Maison à l'Ecole (French: Occupational Therapy from Home to School)
EDMEExperiment Design Made Easy
EDMEElectronic Distance Measuring Equipment
EDMEEnhanced Delta Modulation Encoders
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In 1945 Edme Sommier died with no heir, but he had bequeathed the estate to his nephew, Jean de Vogue.
Pasteur immediately consulted Edme Felix Alfred Vulpian (1826-1887), a member of the rabies commission, and Jacques-Joseph Grancher (1843-1907), who worked in his laboratory.
y in e Rodgers will have allowe edme himself only the briefest tim to reflect on a job well done Norwich before the cogs of his football brain turned to Thursday night's visit of Udinese.
One wolf thrives on the chaos and calls himself the Prophet: his leadership will lead hundreds to their deaths--and it's up to Faolan and his friend Edme to bring down the Prophet in this riveting fantasy.
Note that, literally, all these cognates mean 'the singing bird' and--as the EDME dictionary maintains--the masculine forms are Germanic cognates with L.
Sevefjord, Naila Kabeer, Patricia McFadden, Signe Arnfred, Edme Dominguez and Sherin Saadallah (2001) Discussing Women's Empowerment: Theory and Practice.
In 1804, in the twelfth volume of their 16-volume global Geographie mathematique, physique et politique ('Mathematical, physical and political geography'), the Danish geographer Conrad Malte-Brun and his older French colleague Edme Mentelle jettisoned Brosses's terminology.
1485) by Diego de San Pedro, and Edme Boursault's Lettres de respect, d'obligation et d 'amour (1669, later changed to Lettres a Babet) should also be mentioned as very early examples of epistolary novels.
Espinosa Damian, Gisela (2004), "Ciudadanias y feminismos: entre el genero y la clase", en Edme Dominguez (ed.
Posteriormente evoluciono como vocablo para hablar de un genero de expresion de la sexualidad humana: primero, el frances Nicolas Edme Restif de la Bretonne en 1769 lo utilizo en su texto sobre las prostitutas; en 1857, se adopto tambien en la lengua inglesa y se le relacionaba con la higiene; luego, en 1864, el diccionario Webster introdujo la palabra para describir pinturas licenciosas que decoraban espacios con aspiraciones orgiasticas.
Valentin-le-Desosse: Su nombre real era Edme Etienne Renaudin.