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EDOMElectronic Dissolution of Memory (conspiracy theory)
EDOMEsquema de Ordenamiento Metropolitano (Spanish: Scheme of Metropolitan Ordering; Guatemala)
EDOMEngineering Data Management Officer
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8) The lamb also serves as a symbol of sacrifice, referring to Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, which is dramatized in a later scene in the play, when the lamb is struck by an arrow that was shot by Edom and intended for Jaakob (Werke 5:63).
The olive oil industry in Ekron is just the tip of the iceberg, for signs of prosperity can be recognized throughout Philistia, in Judah (including the Negev and Judean Deserts), and even in Edom (Faust and Weiss 2005; 2011, and refs.
The Hebrew word for "hairy" is very close to an old Hebrew word, Seir, for the neighboring country to the southeast of ancient Israel and Judah, Edom, just as the 'soup' or 'stew' in Genesis 25 is called the "red stuff" (adom) and is a play on the name Edom, as the text says outright.
Muted Grey" is the story of Marah Edom as she copes with the reality of her life, facing what she left behind as she pursued her supposed dreams.
Al considerar cuan relacionadas estan las historias de Juda y Edom es extremadamente necesario un estudio de la tradicion de la intervencion edomita en los sucesos de 586 a.
13; Edom in the Book of Amos and beyond; rereading Amos 2.
In facsome would say ebeen emoal blackmaPlace some lback on and l soon key o edom.
During his travels, Stephens inadvertently traversed the biblical Edom (now called Idumea), a region about which the ancient prophets had declared, 'none shall pass through .
Veolia, a global company, run a waste dump in the Jordan valley processing Israeli and settler waste on Palestinian land, Carmel-Agrexco operate a network of settler farms on stolen Palestinian land, Valley Grown Salads own the Israeli company, Edom UK, who have exported settler produce from the valley, MTex, who supply Tesco, export goods from farms close to Al Farisiya and have a base in Hertfordshire.
After a 40-minute crossing of the Gulf of Aqaba by Seacat ferry, we passed through Aqaba city before hitting the Desert Highway through the Edom Mountains.
This valley was the natural border between the ancient kingdoms of the Ammonites in the north and Moab in the south, some kilometers away is the 800-meter long ditch of Wadi al-Hassa, the border line between the kingdoms of Moab and Edom.
Biblical writings identify this area as Edom, home to a kingdom that barred Moses during the Exodus and warred with King David.