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EDTECEducation, Training and Enterprise Center
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While EdTec 470 intentionally remains a work in progress, the course offered today is vastly different than its 1999 incarnation--fully oriented to the learner, hands-on/experiential, and reflective of the actual school settings that newly credentialed teachers face.
Thus, each section of EdTec 470 is now linked to a teaching block, and to faculty committed to technology and practical application of student work.
EdTec 470 is composed of self-contained modules that may be presented in different ways and in no preordained order.
The goal is to meet PT3 mandates while at the same time ensure that EdTec 470 (and other project components) are on track pedagogically, responsive to student needs, and compliant with state mandates related to technology competence among credential candidates.
Analysis of the data (descriptive statistics combined with topical categorization of the check-all-that-apply and open-ended items) have led the EdTec 470 coordinator to schedule face-to-face instructor meetings prior to and at the close of each semester.
This evaluator has collected perceptual data from students enrolled in EdTec 470 since the project launch in 1999.
During the Fall 2002 semester, this evaluator's own graduate students conducted multi-week case studies targeting specific sections of EdTec 470.
* how a content-specific focus (students in EdTec 470 are broadly organized by discipline) affects course organization, delivery, and assessment practices; and
Parents can share information with teachers about curricula like that developed by EDTEC. Teachers should also research how to integrate business concepts into such subjects as social studies, economics and math.
Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way: Over Two Hundred Years of African American Inspiration and Ingenuity by Aaron Bocage and George Waters EDTEC, $10.95
"The program we use teaches children that their skills and talents can be used to their benefit, says Gaines, who adopted EDTEC's New Entrepreneurs curriculum in 1991.
* Education, Training and Enterprise Center (EDTEC), 309 Market Street, Suite 201, Camden, NJ 08102; 609-342-8277.