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ETEEnergy, Technology and the Environment
ETEEuropéenne de Traitement des Eaux (French: European Water Treatment)
ETEEducation, Training and Exercises (US Air Force)
ETEEducating the Educators
ETEElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering (various schools)
ETEEnergy Transfer Equity, LP
ETEEnvironmental Technology (Wageningen University)
ETEElectronic Textual Editing
ETEElectronic Test Equipment
ETEEnvironmental Technologies and Engineering (university course)
ETEEnergy, Transport and Environment
ETEEstação de Tratamento de Esgoto (Portuguese: Wastewater Treatment Plant)
ETEExtratemporal Epilepsy
ETEEye To Eye
ETEEdge to Edge
ETEEstimated Time of Entry
ETEEstimated Time Enroute
ETEEnd to End
ETEEngineering and Technology Education
ETEEau, Terre et Environnement (French)
ETEExploring the Environment
ETEEnglish Teacher Education
ETEÉconomie Théorique et Empirique (French: Theoretical and Empirical Economics)
ETEEngineering Test Equipment
ETEEnvironmental Test Engineering
ETEEscola Tecnica Estadual (technical school in Brazil)
ETEEstimated Time En Route
ETEElectronic Training Environment
ETEEvery Thing Else
ETEEuropean Train Enthusiasts
ETEEmerging Themes in Epidemiology
ETEEducation Training Employment
ETEEntreprise, Travail, Emploi (French)
ETEEvolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems
ETEEscola Tecnica de Eletronica (Portugese)
ETEEnergiagazdálkodási Tudományos Egyesület (Hungarian Scientific Society of Energy Economics)
ETEEvent Technology Expo (Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International)
ETEEuropea Térmica Eléctrica (Spanish)
ETEEconomic Transformation in Europe
ETEExternal Test Equipment
ETEExternal Tissue Extender
ETEEnhanced Transitional Employment
ETEEstimated Time Elapsed
ETEErrors to Emacs (blog)
ETEEliminate the Evidence
ETEEVA Translation Evaluation
ETEExpendable Turbine Engine
ETEExpect the Extraordinary (website)
ETEEnterprise Technology Engineering
ETEEnter Training Enrollment (TTMS database)
ETEEmergency and Trauma Equipment (Pt) Ltd (South Africa)
ETEElectronic-Tendering Engine (ElectronicTender)
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That actually indicates an important idea, namely that the quality of education is also related to the weigh assigned to psychological and pedagogical disciplines in the colleges educating the educators.
Whether you choose to do your collaboration homework or not, you are educating the educators and everyone else in your school learning community.
For career and technical education, educating the educators is a job that never ends.
The paper outlines an alternative approach to subject matter for educating the educators.
Computer Training Academy's Jeff Bloom believes that the key to workforce development is educating the educators.
The national Tourette Syndrome Association last year created some tools to help in these efforts, including a curriculum and videos for educating the educators.
I would like to conclude with some brief remarks on four topics related to process pedagogy: the difficulty of thinking in holistic terms, given not only the general tendency of modernism but a century of emphasis on piecemeal analysis in philosophy; the problem of overcoming the bifurcation of education, even in Whitehead's philosophy of education; the need to add flesh and blood - detailed proposals - to the generalities of process pedagogy; and the problem at the door of any reform in education - that of educating the educators.
At university level it is, ironically, about educating the educators, to ensure that students are treated fairly and given equal opportunity to participate and achieve.
On Saturday, Dr Naik is the headline speaker at a conference called Educating the Educators, organised by the Al-Khair Foundation, an Islamic educational body that runs a school in Croydon, London.
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