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EEDEÉcole Européenne de Dentisterie Équine (French: European School of Equine Dentistry)
EEDEEnergy Expenditure During Exercise
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These arts and practices have always kept existing, though often in an unconscious way, to unexpectedly resurge of late," Van Den Eede observes, "our task is to stimulate this resurgence" (2012, 37).
Eede had the families of the jumpers with him when he watched the leap.
The NSW Nurses' Association took up the case of Lismore Base Hospital senior nurse manager Lyndal Van Eede after she was denied her entitlement to 14 weeks' paid maternity leave under the Public Health System Nurses' and Midwives' (State) Award.
I dare say, for most readers Francois Narmon, Adrien Vanden Eede and Alfred Verdyck are not household names, yet these three, for example, are referenced fifty-eight times in the book.
CUTTING Crew singer-songwriter Nick van Eede likes to live dangerously.
van Eede, 2003), it was expected that procrastination scores would be related negatively to self-concept variables of Task Accomplishment and Morality (i.
Martin Eede, the YAA's chief executive, confirmed the presenter had been airlifted from Leeds General Infirmary in their helicopter.
But now YAA's chief executive, Martin Eede, said so much money had been raised that it would use the donations to help buy a second helicopter for the service.
But Dulwich chairman Martin Eede rejected the chance of extending his spell with the club after he scored just once in six matches.
Alswa of pe Stude, "Sire, pus ich pleide oder spec i chirche, eede o ring i chirch-hard, biheold hit oper wreastlunge, ant odre fol gomenes, spec pus oder pleide biuoren wortliche men, biuoren recluse in ancre-hus ed oper purl pen ich schulde, neh hali ping.