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EEKEstonian Kroon (Eesti Kroon, Currency Unit)
EEKEnvironmental Education for Kids (electronic magazine; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
EEKEap Encryption Key
EEKEesti Ekspressi Kirjastuse (Estonian: Estonia Express Publishing)
EEKExceptionally Excited Kids (San Jacinto, CA)
EEKEiropas Ekonomikas Komisijas (Latvian: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
EEKEnergy Education Kit (curriculum)
EEKEvery Extended K-car (Chrysler K-car vehicles/derivatives)
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Inspired by the results of this research, Arvo Eek became interested in phonetics.
The word "Eek" is Yup'ik Eskimo for "a small cliff," upriver from the village.
"Seniors represent an enormous and growing group in this country" -- and many are loyal newspaper readers, said Schneider, who did the "Eek and Meek" comic from 1965 to 2000.
EEK Residential focuses on large-scale redevelopment in what are often troubled areas.
electro-punks' first full-length release in seven years features Juliette Lewis, Princess Superstar, Oasis's Liam Gallagher, and a track sampling "Thriller." Eek! (XL/Maverick)
I have to confess that I opened it with trepidation, as we were approached by [a certain large circulation, mainstream women's magazine] about a year ago for an article, got really excited about it, and ended up with a bunch of misinformation next to an article about how to skip your periods altogether using birth control pills (eek!)--it really put us off the media for a while.
Tim Johnson, the freshman senator from South Dakota who managed to eek past Karl Rove's handpicked GOP challenger, ,John Thune in one of the most pro-Bush states in the country.
A group of these ground squirrels shares a tangle of tunnels, and any squirrel that spots a badger, coyote, or other menace gives a call that Hare describes as sounding a lot like "eek." Hare had accidentally discovered that he could elicit eeks by tossing his hat toward a youngster.
Arnold / Dahlgren / Gunther / Rosen: Spooky Actions (Muse Eek Recordings)
He co-produced films with the NFB (Deadly Deposits, 1993) and a pilot for the series Eek! the Cat.
It's got (eek) 16 grams of fat and 630 mg of sodium.
Grisilde is dead, and eek her pacience, And both at once buried in Italie.