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EEKEstonian Kroon (Eesti Kroon, Currency Unit)
EEKEnvironmental Education for Kids (electronic magazine; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
EEKEap Encryption Key
EEKEesti Ekspressi Kirjastuse (Estonian: Estonia Express Publishing)
EEKExceptionally Excited Kids (San Jacinto, CA)
EEKEiropas Ekonomikas Komisijas (Latvian: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
EEKEnergy Education Kit (curriculum)
EEKEvery Extended K-car (Chrysler K-car vehicles/derivatives)
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Arvo Eek also observed that the difference between Q2 and Q3 in Estonian sonorant consonants and nG is realized in their tenseness (i.
Since infusing sustainability education into the work of our pre-service teaching is a goal for the college, Eek was the perfect location to conduct our exchange.
Meltzer said he, Mandl and the principles from EEK formed EEK Residential to be the go-to firm for large-scale redevelopment in the area.
Here's another Muse Eek release featuring guitarist Bruce Arnold; however, unlike A Few Dozen, this release is not commercially available, and another strike against it is its length, 25:44.
When part I of "Eesti keele foneetika" (Estonian Phonetics) by Arvo Eek appeared in 2008.
A graduate of Columbia University's master's program in architectural technology, he earned real-life experience in his favorite field of green building in his first job at EEK Architects, and even won an award for a development that utilized passive solar design.
EEK JOAN and Anna received letters advising that their soldier sons had been killed in action.
000 Labor consumption ratio, 422 446 247 1/million t Number of employees 760 1917 1100 Fixed cost, million EEK 77.
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John Holt - responsible for The Tide Is High, later made famous by Blondie, of course - also appears as do Eek a Mouse and Ken Boothe.
He had personally visited at the height of Reggie-mania last fall, when various self-styled alligator wranglers vied to be the one who caught the monster before someone got hurt or, eek, eaten up.