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EEMEnvironmental and Energy Management (various organizations)
EEMÉcole d'Etat-Major (French: School of Staff)
EEMEnterprise Energy Management
EEMEnergy Efficient Mortgage
EEMEnterprise Engineering Management
EEMEuropean Electricity Market (International Conference)
EEMEnergy and Environmental Markets
EEMExtended Memory Management
EEMÉlectricité et Eaux de Madagascar (French: Electricity and Water of Madagascar)
EEMexternal elastic membrane (cardiology)
EEMEnterprise Engineering Modeling
EEMEnhanced Expanded Memory
EEMEmbedded Event Manager
EEMExternal Expansion Module
EEMEmbedded Event Manager (Cisco)
EEMExtended Enterprise Management (software)
EEMEnvironmental Enhancement and Mitigation (Canada)
EEMÉcole Européenne de Massage (French: European School of Massage; Belgium)
EEMElectronic Engineers Master (commodity codes)
EEMEqual Employment Manager (various locations)
EEMÉquipe Environnement et Microbiologie (French: Environment and Microbiology Team)
EEMExercise Evaluation Methodology (various organizations)
EEMÉnergie, Électronique et Matériaux (French: Energy, Materials and Electronics)
EEMExtended Enterprise Messaging (blue-silicon)
EEMEnd-to-End Message (telecommunications)
EEMEntreprise d'Electricité Martiniquaise (French: Electricity Company Martinique)
EEMEarth Entry Module (US NASA)
EEMEden Energy Medicine (certification program)
EEMExpedia Easy Manage (travel)
EEMEthernet Emulation Model
EEMElectronegativity Equalization Method
EEMEarly Entry Module
EEMExternal Expansion Module (Sun)
EEMEigenmode Expansion Method
EEMEctodermal Dysplasia, Ectrodactyly, and Macular Dystrophy
EEMÉquipement Électrique Méridional (French: Southern Electric Equipment)
EEMExternal Error Mode (traffic)
EEMEnhanced Expanded Measurements (Telcordia)
EEMEssential Equipment Monitor
EEMEvent-Entity Matrix
EEMExtrapolated Endpoint Method
EEMEmpirical Evaluation Methods
EEMEnvironment and Execution Management (Sprint)
EEMExpendable Electronic Marker
EEMEffluent Emission Monitoring
EEMElectron Emission Mass Spectroscopy
EEMEnd-Effect Model
EEMÉconomie de l'Espace et de la Mobilité (French: Economics of Space and Mobility; course)
EEMElectronic Equipment Mechanic (OPM job description)
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The foreign gentleman said, 'Mais, yees; I know eem.
SAPexperts posted a new article, “Gain Real-Time Visibility into End Users with EEM Dashboards” to its Solution Manager Expert knowledgebase.
It may seem unusual to set the economic benchmark for EEM selection using the cost of renewable energy rather than the client's hurdle rate.
Elise Groves, a mortgage broker who did her first EEM last October, says that the additional paperwork is well worth the hassle for people who are purchasing older homes.
During the half-year, the group said new EEM technologies were launched, including thermal management, embedded computing and power supplies, together with updates to wireless and solid state lighting technologies.
An EEM system can deliver the information needed to accurately represent the true cost of doing business, and help to identify procedures or areas that exhibit energy inefficiencies or waste.
If you are currently sub-billing your tenants for energy on a proportional square-footage basis, an EEM system can better assure proper compensation by accurately sub-metering each tenant's actual usage.
An EEM system also gives operations personnel a range of analysis capabilities that support proactive maintenance to extend equipment life.
A corps wheeled company was mapped to consist of an EMT C2 node, three sapper EEMs, and a horizontal construction EEM.
An EEM system offers a holistic approach to managing this exposure.
While EEMs failed to take hold initially, a variety of factors have combined to expand the use of this creative financing tool.
In addition to quick access to contact information for 5,000 manufacturers, the EEM CD-ROM contains specification pages for most products.