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EFEEarly Fuel Evaporation (Automotive Emission Control)
EFEEmpresa de Los Ferrocarriles del Estado (Spanish: State Railways Company; Chile)
EFEEnglish for Employment
EFEÉcole Française d'Equitation (French: French Riding School)
EFEEnvironment for Europe (EU)
EFEEarly Field Experience (various organizations)
EFEEndocardial Fibroelastosis
EFEEspace Formation Emploi (French: Job Training Center; Belgium)
EFEEnvironmentally Friendly Engine (UK Aerospace Technology Validation Programme)
EFEEinstein Field Equations (general relativity)
EFEÉcole Française d'Escalade (French rock climbing school)
EFEEuropean Funboard Expression (France)
EFEExternal Factor Evaluation
EFEExclusive First Edition (toy collecting)
EFEExtended File Entry (OSTA universal disk format)
EFEEpiploic Foramen Entrapment
EFEEdition Formation Enterprise
EFEEngineering Feasibility Effort
EFEE! Fashion Emergency
EFEEuropean Foundation for Education
EFEEstimate Feedback Equalizer
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Por todas estas razones, nos parece que el hecho, que paso totalmente inadvertido fuera de Chile y de la Redaccion Internacional de EFE (2), merece ser conocido.
allowing the EFE Series to be incorporated in designs where space is limited, so end products can be smaller, cooler and more feature rich.
This year we have good tobacco, the best for a long time, the best in the world," Palacios told EFE while he helped harvest the crop on a farm near the town of El Cafetal.
With the help of the University of Maryland's business school, EFE created an English language and mini-MBA program for Gazan students with accounting backgrounds.
Workers at the plant were evacuated before the explosions, Efe said.
His role with EFE will be to develop and build new business together with lead generation, deal structuring and ongoing portfolio management.
While some argued that Efe should be allowed to plan his life and music the best way he could, others believed that he needed to get serious with his music career and show Nigerians he had what it takes to compete at the big stage.
THE trial of former Huddersfield Town player Efe Sodje and two of his footballplaying brothers accused of helping launder cash from an PS80,000 international fraud has collapsed.
Former Charlton star Sam Sodje, 38, and siblings Efe, 35, and Akpo allegedly channelled cash from an email banking scam on firms in Colombia, India, Italy and Abu Dhabi.
TAP) - A new promotion of 288 young Tunisians from different regions of the country received Wednesday training and employment certificates at a ceremony organised by Education For Employment (EFE-Tunisia) with the support of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), according to an EFE press release Thursday.
Smalley and Retallick (2012) state, "Through EFE, preservice teachers have experiences that resemble and model the experiences they will have as teachers" (p.