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ETAEstimated Time of Arrival (also seen as ETOA)
ETAEmployment and Training Administration (US Department of Labor)
ETAElectronic Travel Authority
ETAElectronic Transactions Association
ETAElvis Tribute Artist
ETAEstação de Tratamento de Água (Portuguese: Water Treatment Plant)
ETAExploring the Arts (est. 1999)
ETAEuskadi Ta Askatasuna (Basque Homeland and Liberty; terrorist group in Spain)
ETAEthanolamine (organic chemical compound)
ETAElectronics Technicians Association (Greencastle, IN)
ETAEuropean Technical Approval
ETAEnvironmental Transport Association (UK)
ETAEdited to Add
ETAEducational Theater Association (Ohio)
ETAEnglish Teaching Assistantship (US State Department)
ETAEnglish Teachers Association
ETAEarly Termination Fee (contracts)
ETAExfoliative Toxin A (microbiology)
ETAExtremely Thin Absorber
ETAEnvironmental Transport Association
ETAElectronic Transactions Act
ETAElectronic Transfer Account
ETAEnfield Tennis Academy (fictional school; Infinite Jest)
ETAExpected Time of Arrival
ETAElectronic Tax Administration
ETAExtract, Transform, Load
ETAEvent Tree Analysis
ETAEthiopian Teachers' Association (Education International)
ETAEuropean Thyroid Association
ETAEqual Treatment Act (various nations)
ETAEnterprise Technical Architecture (various organizations)
ETAEicosatetraenoic Acid (biochemistry)
ETAEgyptian Tourist Authority
ETAEvangelical Training Association
ETAEu Te Amo (Portuguese: I Love You)
ETAElectronic Travel Aid
ETAEnvironmental Technical Assistance (various organizations)
ETAEfficiency, Transparency and Accountability (US DOI Bureau of Reclamation)
ETAEnvironmental Test Article (US NASA)
ETAEffective Tax Administration
ETAElectronic Transportation Acquisition
ETAExpected Time of Accomplishment
ETAEmbroidery Trade Association
ETAExecutive Travel Associates
ETAEntertainment Technology Alliance
ETAEnergy Tax Act
ETAExtension Travel Adjustment (Marzocchi bicycle forks)
ETAExact Time of Arrival
ETAElegance, Technology Accuracy (Swiss manufacturer)
ETAExpected Turn Around
ETAEstimated Transmitting Ability (cow breeding)
ETAExplosive Transfer Assembly
ETAEstaciones de Tiempo Automatizadas (Spanish: Automated Weather Stations)
ETAElektrotechnische Apparate GmbH (Nuremburg, Germany)
ETAEuropean Tugowners' Association
ETAExperience the Adventure
ETAEvangelische Theologische Academie (Dutch: Evangelical Theological Academy; Netherlands)
ETAEesti Teadeteagentuur (Estonian News Agency)
ETAEmbedded Transport Acceleration (Intel)
ETAExperimental Test Accelerator
ETAEnergy Technology Assessment
ETAEsteem Team Association (Canada)
ETAElgin Teachers Association
ETAEvent Tracking Agent
ETAExternal Tank Attachment
ETAEngineering Technologies Associates
ETAEmergency Tire Assistance
ETAEternal Allegiance (fan site)
ETAExtraterrestrial Activity
ETAEngineering Technologies Academy
ETAEmergency Towing Arrangement (requirement at forward & aft ends of oil tanker)
ETAEelam Tamil Association (Sydney, Australia)
ETAElectronic Test Automation
ETAEtnoteam Adriatica
ETAEstimated Time Available
ETAExtraterrestrial Artifact
ETAE-Sektionens Teletekniska Avdelning
ETAEmergency Transport Attendant
ETAElectronic Target Acquisition (also sometimes abbreviated as E/TA)
ETAEastern Training Area
ETAEngineering Test Article
ETAEnterprise Transaction Archive
ETAEllenville Teachers Association
ETAErosion Transport Accumulation
ETAEstimated Time for Accomplishment
ETAException Time Accounting
ETAEngineering Task Assignment
ETAEmirate Trading Agency (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
ETAElectro-Thermal Atomizer
ETAEarthville Travel Adventures
ETAEngineering Technical Assistant
ETAEuropean Tropospheric-Scatter Army (communications system)
ETAEvan Terry Associates, PC (Birmingham, AL)
ETAElectronics Test Area
ETAExternal Tank Attack
ETAEnterprise Transaction Analysis
ETAEOOW Training Assistant
ETAEstimated Time Allocation (project management)
ETAExtra Terrestrial Alien
ETAEssential Tactical Advantage (Oxford, MI)
ETAEducational Therapy Assistant
ETAExecutive Trade Associates
ETAEasy Tech Answers (Lansing, MI)
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The final basis for the filing of an offer in compromise is that it would promote effective tax administration, which can be exhibited in one of two ways: collection of the full liability is possible but would cause the taxpayer severe economic hardship, or there is a compelling public policy or equity consideration which provides sufficient reason for the government to compromise the claim.
We believe, however, that the Board plays a critical role in highlighting the complexity of the law as a prime villain in the war for effective tax administration. Thus, the Board should consider providing input to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.
Promotion of Effective Tax Administration: The IRS may compromise to promote effective tax administration where it determines that, although collection in full could be achieved, it would cause the taxpayer economic hardship.
While cooperation and compliance are the key goals of any revenue authority, contestation is not an unsolvable threat and may contribute to dynamic, responsive and effective tax administration. However, if contestation mores on to widespread non-compliance that authorities seem not to notice or fail to take action over, then the entire tax system may be brought into disrepute, threatening its legitimacy and coherence.
Summers answered those critics by saying: "To have effective tax administration, there must be both compliance and high-quality customer service."
Government should allow Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to work as impartially, independently and transparently which will make FBR an efficient and effective tax administration. This will increase the confidence of taxpayers in FBR and increase tax collection in fair manner.
Project Purpose: The objective of this programme is to support the delivery of a more effective tax administration and policy in Somaliland that can improve governance through strengthening the relationship between state and citizens, incentive public administration reform, encouraging broad based growth and supporting poverty reduction.
* One alternative reason, "effective tax administration; may offer greater flexibility, since it can be based on the client's financial hardship or on public policy or equitable considerations.
Through an extraordinary personal effort, the recipient must have made a substantial contribution to the Tax Division's mission, which is serving the public interest by assisting AICPA members to be the most trusted professional providers of tax services and by advocating sound tax policy and effective tax administration.
A Nondisclosure Penalty imposed in respect of a non-listed RT can be waived, rescinded, or abated--but only by the IRS Commissioner in order to "promote compliance with the tax laws and effective tax administration," and without any right of judicial appeal of a decision to deny penalty relief.
ADB will work closely with the new administration to help: (i) institute a more progressive tax system and effective tax administration; (ii) increase competitiveness and the ease of doing business; (iii) accelerate infrastructure development with public-private partnerships playing a key role; (iv) promote rural development and value chains; (v) invest in human capital such as health and education; and (vi) strengthen social protection including through conditional cash transfers.
The Tax Section serves the public interest by helping AICPA members to be the most trusted professional providers of tax services, advocating sound tax policy and effective tax administration. As chair of the Tax Executive Committee, I am pleased to report that we made great progress in fulfilling our mission and delivering on all elements of our strategic plan.
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