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EAIREuropean Higher Education Society (Netherlands)
EAIREuropean Association for Institutional Research (now European Higher Education Society; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
EAIREffective Annual Interest Rate
EAIRExternal Affairs and Investor Relations (Enterprise Florida, Inc.)
EAIREscort Air
EAIREffluent from an Anaerobic Industrial Reactor (fish canning)
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Assuming 360 days in a year, the effective annual interest rate of the T-bill is computed as follows: ((1+0.0102)^(360/91))-1.
The bank will issue an additional USD70m of its 4.875% subordinated notes due 2025 to certain institutional investors, at a discounted price of 99.023% of the principal, resulting in an effective annual interest rate of 5.125% to the purchasers till 30 July 2020, payable half yearly.
The app also allows the user to include loan processing fees that reduce the net proceeds to the borrower and tends to increase his effective annual interest rate.