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ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ERPElectronic Road Pricing
ERPElectronic Road Pricing (Singapore roads)
ERPEvent Related Potential (EEG)
ERPEvent-Related Potential
ERPEdilizia Residenziale Pubblica (Italian: Public Housing)
ERPEmergency Response Plan
ERPEffective Radiated Power
ERPExposure and Response Prevention (OCD treatment)
ERPEvent-Related Brain Potential
ERPEducation Research Program (various locations)
ERPEnvironmental Resource Permit
ERPEuropean Recovery Program
ERPEstimated Resident Population (Australia)
ERPEarth Rotation Parameters
ERPEpic Rap Battles (playlist)
ERPÉtablissement Recevant du Public (French: Establishment Open to the Public)
ERPEthernet Ring Protection Switching
ERPEstimated Retail Price
ERPEconomic Report of the President
ERPEuropean Recycling Platform (est. 2002; EU)
ERPEmployee Referral Program
ERPEconomic Recovery Plan (various locations)
ERPExchange Rate Policies
ERPEuropean Recovery Programme
ERPEnhanced Recovery Program (health care)
ERPExtended Reporting Period (insurance claims)
ERPEnhanced Service Provider
ERPEntry Redundant Power Supply
ERPEnterprise Resource Portals
ERPExecutive Retirement Plan
ERPEjército Revolucionario del Pueblo (Argentina)
ERPÉcole de Reconversion Professionnelle (French: School of Professional Retraining)
ERPEnvironmental Results Program
ERPExternal Review Panel
ERPEcosystem Research Program (various organizations)
ERPEnvironmental Restoration Project (various organizations)
ERPEquity Risk Premium (for company valuation models)
ERPEnergy Research Partnership (UK)
ERPEffective Refractory Period
ERPEcosystem Restoration Program (California)
ERPEquipment Replacement Plan
ERPEmissions Reduction Plan (various organizations)
ERPEducation Reimbursement Program (various locations)
ERPExternal Reference Point (Sprint)
ERPEnforcement Response Plan
ERPEarthquake Response Plan
ERPExchange Rate Protection
ERPExperience Rating Plan (insurance)
ERPExtended Range Pyrometer
ERPEmissions Reduction Project (various organizations)
ERPElectronic Resource Planning
ERPEvaluation des Risques Professionnels (France, Professional Risks Assessment)
ERPEmergency Rehabilitation Project (World Bank)
ERPEye Reference Point (aviation)
ERPEnforcement Response Policy
ERPEuropean Recovery Plan
ERPError Recovery Procedure
ERPElevation Reference Point
ERPExpense Reduction Program
ERPEarly Retirement Plan
ERPEmergency Room Physician
ERPEmergency Response Procedure
ERPEmergency Reconstruction Project (World Bank)
ERPEndoscopic Retrograde Pancreatography
ERPEdmonton Research Park (Edmonton, Canada)
ERPEarly Retirement Programme (various locations)
ERPEnvironmental Resource Program
ERPExternal Research Program (various locations)
ERPEnergy Related Product
ERPEmployment Related Practices (Insurance)
ERPEarly Receptor Potential
ERPExact Reconstruction Principle (linear programming; mathematics)
ERPEngineering Resource Planning
ERPEmmaus Road Publishing (Steubenville, OH)
ERPEar Reference Point (ITU-T)
ERPEstrogen Receptor Protein
ERPExpedited Removal Process (US FEMA)
ERPEnvironmentally Responsible Procurement
ERPEarly Redemption Penalty (mortgages)
ERPEmergency Recovery Plan
ERPExtended Refit Period
ERPEnvironmental Resource Planning
ERPErotic Role Play
ERPExterior Router Protocol
ERPEveryday Rob People
ERPEmergency Residence Project (Ames, IA)
ERPElectronic Retail Payment
ERPEnterprise Resource Products
ERPExtended Range Projectile
ERPEnvironmental Restoration Plan
ERPEnhanced-Resolution Printing
ERPEffective Replacement Policy
ERPEarly Reduction Program
ERPEnd-Route Rally Point
ERPExtended Refit Program (US DoD)
ERPEmployee Review Panel
ERPEntity Reporting Process
ERPEmployment Reduction Process
ERPEnterprise Requirement System
ERPEquipment Reception Point
ERPExecutive Readiness Program (formerly Pre-XD)
ERPEnroute Reporting Point
ERPEquipment Reception Party
ERPEmerson Radio and Phonograph Company
ERPEnd-Range Pain
ERPEvent Response Procedure
ERPEngineering Requirements Plan
ERPEquipment Repair Part
ERPEmployee Retention Program/Plan
ERPEarly Resource Planning
ERPEmitter, Receiver, Processor
ERPEngineering Regulating Point
ERPEmergency Ration Pack
ERPEngagement Range Program
ERPElectronic Requirement Plan
ERPElectronic Registration Program
ERPEuler-Rodrigues Parameter
ERPExpeditionary Reach Package
ERPEngine Room Pump
ERPExact Route Position
ERPEducational Radio Project (NBC Radio, 1930s)
ERPEuropean Restoral Plan
ERPEducation Refund Plan (Saudi Aramco; Saudi Arabia)
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Antenna's operating frequency is 806960/1710-2180/1710-2180 MHz, effective radiated power is 175 W, coverage area on the horizontal plane 65[degrees]/65[degrees]/65[degrees], coverage area on the vertical place 7.5[degrees]/7.6[degrees]/6.8[degrees], mechanical downtilting is 0/[degrees]0[degrees]/0[degrees], electric downtilting is 2[degrees]-10[degrees]/0[degrees]-10[degrees]/0[degrees]-10[degrees], and gain 17.5/17.5/17 dBi.
ER[P.sub.S] = the effective radiated power of the desired transmitter (in the same units)
When describing the communications link, we define the signal leaving the transmit antenna as effective radiated power in dBm.
Paragraph 3.4.4 of the RCR STD-28 PHS standard allows the use of smart antennas by incorporating the phrase: " cases where the effective radiated power is less than the value when the specified antenna power is applied to an antenna of absolute gain 10 dBi (2.14 dBi for personal stations), the portion by which it is lower may be compensated by the gain of the antenna."
(Anaheim, CA), a maker of anti-jam GPS equipment for the US military, told JED that the GPS-jamming systems in question are too small and have too low an effective radiated power for them to be effective against US GPS-guided weapons, calling them "really irrelevant." Martz said, "My guess is maybe they could disrupt a small radio on the ground, but incoming ordnance?
Using a loaded-grid planar structure amenable to monolithic integration, researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA) have assembled a 25-MESFET grid operating at 9.7 GHz with an effective radiated power of 37 dB relative to an isotropic source.
Under the $7-million deal, 20 retrofit kits will be provided by the Navy to bring the jammers up to the ALQ-162(V)6 Shadowbox II configuration, which has the added capability of countering pulse-Doppler and continuous-wave radars, as well as double the effective radiated power over the version currently fitted to the RDAFs F-16s.
It is lust another way to say effective radiated power (ERP).
Tactical communications transmitters typically have from one to several watts of effective radiated power, and the links operate over a few kilometers of range.
Whereas more expensive threat systems have full effective radiated power (ERPI to accurately replicate a SAM or AAA, RWRLTE is much lower in power.
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