EFRCElm Farm Research Centre
EFRCEuropean Forum for Reciprocating Compressors (Germany)
EFRCExceptional Family Resource Center (San Diego, CA)
EFRCExotic Feline Rescue Center (Center Point, IN)
EFRCEnhanced Full Rate Codec
EFRCExtended Flat Rate Calling
EFRCEfficiency of Power Generation for Residential Use with Coal (Carolina Environmental Program)
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The competition will be open to proposals both from existing EFRCs seeking renewal of support and from institutions seeking to establish new EFRCs under the program.
US Energy Secretary Moniz said: "The four new EFRCs announced lay the foundation for continuing success in our environmental cleanup efforts, which depend upon advances in innovative science and research technologies.
Since the establishment of the EFRC program by the Departments Office of Science in 2009, the Energy Frontier Research Centers have produced over 7,500 peer-reviewed scientific publications and have helped lay the scientific groundwork for fundamental advances in solar energy, electrical energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration, materials and chemistry by design, biosciences, and materials in extreme environments.
EFRC research has also has benefited a number of large and small companies, including start-up firms, and generated hundreds of inventions at various stages of the patent process.
The new EFRCs will conduct basic research aimed at assisting with the cleanup of hazardous waste that resulted from decades of nuclear weapons research and production during the 20th centurya core mission of the DOE and will take decades more for completion.
This EFRC will develop a fundamental understanding of how atomic structure and interfaces contribute to defect and damage evolution in materials, with such potential applications as structural materials, fuel cladding, and waste forms in the next generation of nuclear power reactors and structural materials in transportation, energy, and defense.
GE Global Research has the distinction of being the only corporate research laboratory chosen to lead an EFRC.
With GE Global Research's designation as an EFRC and last week's announcement of a new battery manufacturing facility for the Capital Region, we will create a thriving technology hub for advanced energy storage solutions in New York's Tech Valley corridor," said Mark Little, Senior Vice President and Director, GE Global Research.
GE's EFRC includes planned collaborations with scientists at Yale University, Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and will be a perfect training ground for a new generation of electrochemists and energy scientists.
EFRC researchers will take advantage of new capabilities in nanotechnology, high-intensity light sources, neutron scattering sources, supercomputing, and other advanced instrumentation, much of it developed with DOE Office of Science support over the past decade, in an effort to lay the scientific groundwork for fundamental advances in solar energy, biofuels, transportation, energy efficiency, electricity storage and transmission, clean coal and carbon capture and sequestration, and nuclear energy.
EFRC research has also benefited a number of large and small firms, including start-up companies.
The awards announced today are the second round of funding for EFRCs and the research supported by this initiative will enable fundamental advances in energy production, storage, and use.