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EFSMEuropean Financial Stability Mechanism (EU)
EFSMExtended Finite State Machine
EFSMEspace Floral Sylvie Meurlet (French flower retailer)
EFSMEthernet/FDDI Switching Module (3Com)
EFSMEuropean Federation of Societies for Microsurgery
EFSMEuropean Federation of Sports Medicine
EFSMEducation for Shared Ministry
EFSMextended finite-state model
EFSMElectrical Field Signature Method
EFSMEmergency Fire Service Management
EFSMEngineering of Fibrous Smart Materials
EFSMExtended File Synchronisation Module
EFSMEducation Finance Simulation Model
EFSMEuropean Fecal Standards and Measurement (South Park)
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51) The EFSM, decided on the May 2010, is part of the EU legal framework.
would likely struggle to muster enough votes to block the use of the EFSM, the euro nations may blanch at the political costs of forcing a payment through against British wishes.
short-term fixes employed by the EFSM and EFSF, which were meant to
that the EFSM will provide rescue funding even in the absence of genuine
6 billion, will conclude the assistance given to Dublin by the EFSM, the EFSF, the IMF and via bilateral loans.
the EFSM and the EFSF, and it will function as the main source of external financing for countries in the euro-zone.
El unico de los cuatro fondos que fue garantizado con el presupuesto comun fue el EFSM, pero su dotacion era muy escasa dado que dicho presupuesto era y es absolutamente insuficiente para atender un area de integracion monetaria.
Treaty of Rome, Single European Act, Maastricht Treaty, Amsterdam Treaty, Lisbon Treaty, EFSF, EFSM, ESM, Fiscal Compact Treaty
Ireland, Greece and Portugal will therefore benefit from a higher co-financing rate from the date on which they were granted EFSM aid, and Hungary, Latvia and Romania from 1 January 2010.
The EFSM is a 60 billion [euro] supranational EU balance of
Using the distance support philosophy, eFSM was implemented aboard USS Freedom (LCS 1) and USS Independence (LCS 2) with shore support provided by the Logistics Support Team in San Diego.