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That man's a gold-mine, which Horse Egan here would have destroyed with a belt-buckle.
"'An' then," continued Horse Egan, for the peppery Major's peculiarities of speech and manner were as well known as his tanned face; "'an' then, ye dissolute, half-baked, putty-faced scum o' Connemara, if I find a man so much as lookin' confused, begad, I'll coort-martial the whole company.
"Better still ha' handed him up to the Colonel," said Horse Egan, "onless - but sure the news wud be all over the counthry an' give the reg'ment a bad name."
"Then you'll not even give Mulcahy a - a strike for his money," said the voice of Horse Egan, who regarded what he called "trouble" of any kind as the pinnacle of felicity.
The conspirators, led by Dan Grady and Horse Egan, poured in daily.
"Mother of all the saints in bliss and all the devils in cinders, where's my fine new sock widout the heel?" howled Horse Egan, ransacking everybody's valise but his own.
Horse Egan unrolled his bandage, and flicked it under Mulcahy's nose, chanting -
A few of the younger men mourned for Mulcahy's beer, because the campaign was to be conducted on strict temperance principles, but as Dan and Horse Egan said sternly, "We've got the beer-man with us.
I am ashamed to say that Horse Egan enjoyed the study of Mulcahy's soul in those days, and Dan took an equal interest.
Mulcahy knew that the mutiny, for the present at least, was dead; knew, too, that a change had come over Dan's usually respectful attitude towards him, and Horse Egan's laughter and frequent allusions to abortive conspiracies emphasised all that the conspirator had guessed.
Dan and Horse Egan kept themselves in the neighbourhood of Mulcahy.
"It's Lander and Egan," explained his neighbour as he took his seat.