EhRLEEntamoeba Histolytica Retrotransposon-Like Element
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(68.) Among other works is the nine-volume Bibliotheca theologiae et scholasticae selecta atque composita a Francisco Ehrle, S.J.
Ehrle, Franz y March, Jose Maria (1930), Los manuscritos vaticanos de los teologos salmantinos del siglo XVI, Estudios Eclesiasticos, Madrid.
Francesco in Assisi hinterlegten papstlichen Schatzes, pubblicato da Denifle e Ehrle nel volume I del loro Archiv: tra i materiali elaborativi dell'opera sono infatti presenti fotocopie di alcune delle pagine dell'Archiv che lo contengono (306-309, 322-325, 364); la situazione descritta da frate Eligio nella sua lettera corrisponde perfettamente a quella illustrata dal testo del documento, che riportiamo nella sua sezione iniziale:
Studies that have examined the instructional practices of effective teachers have found that they use direct instruction (Pressley, Wharton-McDonald, Allington, Block, & Morrow, 1998), individualized instruction (Zahorik, Halbach, Ehrle, & Molnar, 2003), discovery methods, and hands-on learning (Wenglinsky, 2000), among other practices.
Nina Ehrle is a master's student at the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Charite
William Ehrle, 53, of Austin, has lived at Cedar View since late 2009.
A large proportion of such children (a) receive special education services (Goerge et al., 1992; Zetlin, Weinberg, & Kimm, 2003), (b) have a high rate of absenteeism (Kortenkamp & Ehrle, 2002; Scherr, 2007), (c) are more likely to be suspended or expelled (Kortenkamp & Ehrle, 2002), (d) score 15 to 20 per cent below their peers on state-wide achievement tests (Burley & Halpern, 2001), (e) are much less likely to graduate (Blome, 1997; Burley & Halpern, 2001), and (f) are likely to repeat at least one grade (Sawyer & Dubowitz, 1994; Burley & Halpern, 2001).
At the presentation in Hamburg, Germany, in July, Thomas Ehrle, Bibliotheca's Head of Technology, received the Retail Store Solutions Innovation Award from Michael Dimde, IBM Retail Store Solutions North East Sales Leader, and Berthold Schneider, IBM Head of Retail Store Solutions for Austria and Switzerland.