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EHIEuropean Heating Industry (association)
EHIEmployers Holdings, Inc. (insurance; Nevada)
EHIEscalier Hélicoïdal Industriel (French staircase company)
EHIE-Health Insider (UK)
EHIExertional Heat Illness
EHIEmployee Health Insurance (various locations)
EHIEnergy Helicity Index (meteorology)
EHIEuro Handelsinstitut (German commerce institute)
EHIEnvironmental Health Indicator
EHIEquestrian Holidays Ireland (Ireland)
EHIElectro-Hydraulic Interface (engineering)
EHIEssential Household Items (emergency relief)
EHIEmotional Health Inventory
EHIEnvironmental and Health Impact
EHIEnvironmental Harm Index
EHIEvaluation of Health Interventions
EHIEngage Harpoon Immediate
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Land Soil A (t/ha/ EHL SLT (t/ EHI EHI units depth year) criteria ha/year) criteria (cm) 1 120 49.
The research by Riccardi et al (4) suggested that EHI patients tend to be younger, female, and have undergone previous FAI surgery.
The intervention of intravenous infusion of EHI in healthy Chinese volunteers was generally tolerated.
Because the viral set point is a key determinant of clinical outcome, we examined whether miRNAs associated with rapid disease progression were also correlated with viral set point by dividing the patients with EHI into 2 groups, patients with high (>4.
EHI can help you find out these and remove them, which will improve the application's and hence staff's productivity.
The EHI is working within the system by petitioning Eugene's reconstituted Council Committee on Homelessness and Youth to revise the camping ordinance to allow homeless people to address their own needs in a way that does not create public safety or sanitation problems, and to significantly expand the number of legal, safe, secure and sanitary open-air places available for homeless people to sleep.
Therefore EHI call on the EU authorities to push for modernising existing heating equipment.
The Community Coalition for Fair Banking, a project of EHI, is dedicated to economic empowerment in East Harlem.
Mary Gagan, a corporate trainer at EHI, said the system provides a confidential way to communicate to people.
The Health IT Cancer Resources Guide will help patients become aware of and take advantage of the many outstanding digital resources available today that can help them understand their condition, make informed treatment decisions, anticipate their care needs, and connect with others who have had similar experiences," said Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer of eHI.
eHi Car Services Limited (NYSE: EHIC), a car rental and car services provider in China, has reported its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2017.
Agfa HealthCare announces today that at the EHI Live 2016 digital health show it will showcase its proven and comprehensive range of healthcare IT solutions, including ORBIS, the Engage Suite and Enterprise Imaging.