EHISEuropean Health Interview Survey
EHISEmlyn Hughes International Soccer (computer game)
EHISEnvironmental Health Information Services
EHISElectronic Health Information System
EHISEfficient Health Information Solutions (medical consulting firm; Atlanta, GA)
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EHIS does not contain information about any private schools with non-Russian languages of instruction in its database.
The Declaration from the Budapest Conference reaffirmed that the EHIS is an essential tool for policy making relevant to children's environmental health.
The following are a few sample EHIS items: "I feel ashamed", "I feel a loss of control", "I try to please my partner", "I feel attracted to my partner", and "I feel bored".
To obtain a printed copy, please contact EHIS at (800) 315-3010 or (919) 541-3841, or request a photocopy from a NEHA Service Specialist at (303) 756-9090, ext.
Mr Walker, chairman and chief executive of Iceland, kicked o the fundraising in 2011 with an Everest expedition with Ehis son Richard.
In essence, EHIS is a powerful menuing system with integrated hypertext capabilities.
The latest EHI study Card-supported payment systems in retail 2017 backs this up: according to the EHIs calculations, retail sales using gift cards amount to around EUR 3 billion in Germany.
Every effort was made to spend the money in accordance withMr Culpan's wishes and we are delight edt welcom ehis family here to see it.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has played a major role in developing and using EHIs (Corvalan et al.
To more clearly identify the source of the information on our site, on April 1 the Web site will change from EHIS to ehpOnline.
Electronic auction: extended technical support and modernization of the subsystems of the mis at the regional level of the ehis of the ministry of health of the republic of sakha (yakutia)
Access to the EHIS is available online at http://ehis.