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EVIEchoview Index File
EVIEthernet Virtual Interface
EVIExtended Video Interface
EVIExtended Visual Information
EVIEnhanced Vegetation Index
EVIEuropean Vaccine Initiative (formerly European Malaria Vaccine Initiative)
EVIEcovillage at Ithaca (Ithaca, NY)
EVIEncoded-Vector Index
EVIEnvironmental Vulnerability Index (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission)
EVIElectronic Vehicle Identification
EVIEigenVector (Approach for Blind System) Identification
EVIEmergency Vehicles, Inc. (Lake Park, FL)
EVIEnviroStar, Inc. (Miami, FL)
EVIEspace de Vie Ingénierie (French: Life Space Engineering)
EVIEuropean Vision Institute (Belgium)
EVIEnfance Val d'Ille (French childhood association)
EVIElectric Valve Instrument
EVIEcoVentures International (Washington, DC)
EVIExplosive, Very Insensitive
EVIEvolutionary Variational Inequalities
EVIÉpreuve Visuelle d'Intérêts (French: Visual Proof of Interest)
EVIEducating Voices, Inc. (anti-drug group; Naperville, IL)
EVIEvacuate Immediately
EVIExtremely Vulnerable Individual
EVIEnsemble Vocal de l'Insa (French vocal ensemble)
EVIEmployee Value Index
EVIExploits Valley Intermediate (school; Canada)
EVIEbbw Vale Institute (UK)
EVIElectric Vehicle Institute (Bowling Green State University; Bowling Green, Ohio)
EVIEx-Volunteers International (UK)
EVIEconomic Value Increase
EVIÉbénisterie Visitation Inc. (French; Canadian cabinet company)
EVIÉlectricité et Valorisation des Installations (French: Valuation of Electricity and Installations)
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We consider the special case where two users have the same dominant eigenvector. Then an approximated expression of the achievable ergodic sum-rate is derived.
Let [S.sub.x] denote the covariance matrix of the training sample projection eigenvector [Y.sub.i] and tr ([S.sub.x]) represent the track of [S.sub.x].
Algorithm 1: Calculation of eigenvector components.
Closeness and 2-Reach network metrics ranked the same patients (1664, 1672, 1673, 1674, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685, and 1686) among the top 10 cases worthy of prioritization while the eigenvector metrics list was also very similar.
Notations Z, X : Source/target domain m, n : Source/target examples d, c : Features/classes [gamma], [zeta] : Eigenvectors/damping factor X: Input data matrix K: Kernel matrix [PHI]: Eigenvector matrix [LAMBDA]: Eigenvalue matrix.
Third, discrimination between the normal group and the cerebral artery stenosis group could be successfully achieved using the first eigenvector of the LDA classification algorithm using the PPG signal.
After noticing the complete similarity between the coordinate and the momentum on the one hand and between time and energy on the other hand, one can introduce eigenvectors of [??]:
* Sort the columns of the eigenvector matrix V and eigenvalue matrix D in order of decreasing eigenvalue.
Then the input vector x is replaced by the eigenvector K"(x), and the nonlinear optimal classification function is obtained as
To get the generalized eigenvector x approximately, we can let x = [[??].sup.T] y, where [??] [member of] [R.sup.pxn] is the sparse representation in (5) and y [member of] RC Thus, bringing the x back to (1) can decrease the size of problem apparently if p [much less than] n.
[v.sub.1] is the eigenvector of [summation] = (l/n)X[X.sup.T] and [v.sub.1] is the EOF1.