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EWIAEikonal (Distorted) Wave Impulse Approximation
EWIAExpert Witness Institute of Australia
EWIAEnemy Wounded in Action
EWIAEikonal Wave Impulse Approximation (physics)
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As explained by Sethian (1996), solving the Eikonal equation (Eq.
This new traveltime solver augments the previously released Fermat and Eikonal traveltime solvers which are used routinely by GeoDepth customers to generate 3D pre-stack depth migration images from geologic basins worldwide.
The topics include hydrogen photo-ionization with strong lasers, the role of trajectories in quantum chemistry and chemical physics, beyond the eikonal approximation in classic optics and quantum physics, and a subquantum accelerating universe.
It is worth noting, by (31), that the time-dependent part of the eikonal is given by