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EIRENEEuropean Integrated Radio Enhanced Network
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The protagonist, Trygaeus, rides a gigantic beetle and flies to heaven to claim Eirene (Peace) back from the gods, for the sake and benefit of all Greeks.
9) is the consequence for a city living under the auspices of Eirene and the Horae in general, in reference to which the epithet [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] ("steward of wealth for men", v.
Graham had long dreamt of sailing around the world, but Eirene, 38, suggested a drive to Australia instead.
Hay una metanoia platonica en este discurso de la eirene y la filofrosye?
Writing at the end of the 8th century BC, Hesiod named the three seasoned sisters Eunomia ("discipline/order"), Dike ("justice"), and Eirene ("peace").
1982): "Les etudes d'epigraphie latine en Roumanie", Eirene, XVIII, pp.
His maternal grandparents were Emperor John VI Kantabouzenos (1347-1354) and Eirene Asanina.
Siempre mantuvo vivos el interes y la reflexion profunda sobre temas que cubrian la historia economica, la ensenanza de la economia como disciplina profesional y la frenologia, los estudios de paz que gustaba referir evocando a Eirene, personificacion del tema en la antigua Grecia.
La estatua de la diosa de la paz, Eirene, apunta desde la parte superior del monumento hacia la avenida Unter den Linden, una arteria comercial y diplomatica que desemboca al este en el rio Spree.
Among the more notable fringe exhibitions was Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza's colonisation of Haghia Eirene, a wonderful sixth-century church that, unusually, was never converted into a mosque like the larger and more famous Haghia Sophia.
Barnett asserts that after 1892 "pictorial bookplates continued to put in a steady appearance, many artists being responsible", the most consistent and notable of these were Eirene Mort, John Shirlow, and the Lindsay brothers, Lionel and Norman, akin certainly but poles asunder in their outlook.
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