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EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIRPEquivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (ITS)
EIRPEarth Incident Radiated Power
EIRPEffective Incident Radiated Power
EIRPEmergency Irrigation Rehabilitation Programme
EIRPEquipment Identity Register Procedure
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In order to further minimize traffic flow and other disruptions in affected communities, Consumers Energy has relied heavily on boring technologies to replace pipe (about 90% of the total effort), rather than open-trenching methods, under the EIRP.
EIRP distribution construction primarily is done by a seasonally-managed work force of Consumers Energy employees supplemented by contractors for selected services such as hard surface repair, traffic control, environmental cleanup and sewer locating.
As can be seen from the figure, not all simulated WSDs were active subject to an EIRP limit specified in the spectrum sensing characteristics.
Weaknesses and disconnects revealed in the EIRP systems environment used by the company made re-planning supply extraordinarily difficult and time consuming.
85 GHz When Europe Push for 4W EIRP approves globally; promote nomadic allocation, it use later likely will allow only fixed wireless w/ lower EIRP.
One Watt of conducted power transmitted to the antenna allows for an output from the RF modem up to 4 Watts EIRP with a 6 dBi antenna.
It will provide enough EIRP to allow deployment of very small VSAT terminals for telephone, Internet data and video applications, even in remote and rural communities, at extremely low cost.
Shown for comparison are the maximum possible EIRP of a military BMEWS missile-warning radar and the Arecibo radar.
Video transmit earth stations frequently exceed EIRP levels of 80 dBW.
EIRP (mentioned above) leads us to a typical range of about 150 m, if we consider a receiver sensitivity of -70 dBm and an optimistic Free Space Loss model.
where EIRP is the equivalent isotropic radiated power, G denotes the receiver gain, T is the temperature, FSL is the free space loss, Noise denotes the power of noise and Fading is a fading characteristic in the fading model.
The longer distance AireLink LX system, with the high gain 47 dBi antenna, is designed to reach the +55 dBm EIRP power level, the maximum power level allowed in several European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and England.